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  • Hardcover
  • 40
  • A Dazzling Display of Dogs
  • Betsy Franco
  • English
  • 03 July 2018
  • 9781582463438

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Betsy Franco ✓ 0 REVIEW REVIEW Õ A Dazzling Display of Dogs Canine from obedience school to backyard break outs to flatulent Fidos Whether your best friend is a plucky Jack Russell an in. Really clever poems that kids will enjoy all centered on a dog theme A Dazzling Display of Dogs is a great collection to entice kids to fall in love with poetry in all its bizarre forms The art is in an attractive graphic style but often detracts from the enjoyment of the poems because the text is incorporated into the art Sometimes the combination of art and text works beautifully sometimes it is difficult to tell which line comes next

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A Dazzling Display of Dogs

Betsy Franco ✓ 0 REVIEW REVIEW Õ A Dazzling Display of Dogs Decisive basset hound or a poodle with an indiscriminate appetite you're sure to find this dazzling display doggone delightful. Grade k 8I LOVED everything about this book This books illustrations blew me away This book is all about canines going through obedience schools backyard times cliche dog things like chasing birds There are what seem to be dozens of different formats of poems There is so much going on and so much to look at on each page The poem structures are completely different on every page you read EVERYONE needs this book You honestly can t even tell where the poems start or begin Lots of rhyming and abstract shapes and poem structures Each page is so colorfulFocus dogs poems

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Betsy Franco ✓ 0 REVIEW REVIEW Õ A Dazzling Display of Dogs From the award winning team behind A Curious Collection of Cats comes a new collection of visual poems celebrating all things. Text 4 starsIllustrations 4 starsPicture book of poetry about dogs These poems are called concrete poems but are not shaped like any dog breeds Still the text is arranged non traditionally for all the poems Illustrations are frenetic and fun The poems are very dog like