(PDF) A Boy Back from Heaven

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  • A Boy Back from Heaven
  • Celeste Goodwin
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  • 19 March 2020
  • 9781462113859

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READ A Boy Back from Heaven FREE READ A Boy Back from Heaven í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Celeste Goodwin ☆ 6 FREE READ Celeste and Billy Goodwin sighed in deep relief when their four year old son Matthew finally came to consciousness after critical surgery But just when they seemed to be in the clear Matthew’s eyes rolled back in his head and. I enjoy reading near death experiences and am especially interested when it s a child I was a little surprised that this book focused on the health issues Matthew had and there were only a few mentions of his experience His experience itself wasn t long or detailed but meant a lot to him and his family Because of it they were able to find peace with death and the afterlife and are able to share that with othersI can t imagine the fear his parents felt when he was getting sick for apparently no reason I ve never had blood pressure issues but can imagine how scary it would be for me to deal with not to mention a child Their story on what happened and how they got answers was compelling They relied a lot on their faith to get them through a difficult time Experiences like this can tear families apart and I liked that they were able to strengthen their family during many difficult years Celeste and Matthew had a lot put on their shoulders and while I m sure they had their breakdown moments who wouldn t they dealt with the situation very well Celeste learned a lot medically and is now an advocate for pedatric hypertensionI believe in prayer heaven and angels and while their beliefs don t exactly line up with mine I enjoyed their story It s a great book for anyone that is struggling with the loss of a loved one or if you enjoy real life medical drama with a faith element I received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my ownMel s Shelves

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A Boy Back from Heaven

READ A Boy Back from Heaven FREE READ A Boy Back from Heaven í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Celeste Goodwin ☆ 6 FREE READ Nd love that was far beyond his years Experience the serenity of heaven through a child’s eyes as you read Matthew’s true account of his walk with angels and his shocking revelation months later about the angels’ identitie. A Boy back from Heaven was a great book to read It was about Celeste Goodwin oldest son who became very ill at the tender age of 4 years old The pain and suffering that Matthew went through along with his parents and family and how their belief and trust in God was tested It made me feel like I was going through it alsoIt was a great story and would love to read of Celeste Goodwin booksHilda E

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READ A Boy Back from Heaven FREE READ A Boy Back from Heaven í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Celeste Goodwin ☆ 6 FREE READ He became unresponsive for several harrowing minutesDoctors called the episode a medical anomaly but what really happened can only be described as a miracle When Matthew returned it was with a perspective and wisdom about life a. I was provided with an ARC of this amazing and powerful story The book is extremely well written and will appeal to most anyone regardless of their personal religious or spiritual views You can t help but fall in love the little boy Matthew It is a straight forward no nonsense story of this little boy s fight to survive and the beauty he witnessed when he walked to what he described as the edge of heaven I highly recommend this book