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  • 05 November 2020
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Ashes Book II

Ashes Book II characters ✓ 100 N name Adonibaal The chase leads from the Carthaginian uarter of Surrentum to the luxuries of Pompeii south down the Roman road the Via Popilia to the Valley of Diana to mountainous Bruttium to the wheat fields and olive groves of Sicilia to volcanic Mt Aetna in the course of which.

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Ashes Book II characters ✓ 100 The slave catchers ignite a war between Roman legionary settlers and native Lucanian farmers are outwitted by back country outlaws attacked by mobs of angry slaves and nearly clubbed to death by an angry gladiator But Aries and Syriaticus are relentless They anticipate a rich reward.

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Ashes Book II characters ✓ 100 It is ancient late Republican Rome and P Silvius Priscus Niger the most gentle of slave owners hires slave catchers Aries and Syriaticus to return to him his beloved escaped Carthaginian slaves Endymion Carthaginian name Melart Adonis Carthaginian name Abar and Narcissus Carthaginia.