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Amsterdam characters ´ 107 Tabelecem um pacto cujas conseuências nenhum deles poderia prever As decisões morais ue então tomam fazem a sua amizade ser testada até ao limite e colocam em risco as carreiras de ambos Com este trio McEwan engendrou um conto moral contem. I guess I will have to admit that the ethical uestions Ian McEwan raised in this novel focusing on political views freedom of choice sexuality and media coverage are highly relevant and contemporary still and the novel deserves to be read as one of the better McEwans My neverending frustration with him is perfectly illusrated in Amsterdam though I absolutely hate his endings More often than not they seem constructed abrupt somewhat willedMaybe my relationship to McEwan novels would be enthusiastic if a caring book gnome ripped out the last 10 pages in his entire worksAs it is I conclude that

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Amsterdam characters ´ 107 Numa gélida manhã de Fevereiro dois velhos amigos agora figuras sociais destacadas reencontram se num crematório londrino para prestar a última homenagem à antiga amante comum Molly Lane Nos dias ue se seguem ao funeral desta os homens es. About a month ago I was introduced to Ian McEwan through his novel Atonement I nearly consumed the damn thing chewed its corners to bits and pieces scribbled messy notes all over its pages I was starved for of his writing and I ordered On Chesil Beach post haste On Chesil Beach is FABULOUS Truly So fabulous in fact that I was worried my husband might become annoyed at my new feelings for an actual LIVING writer You see he agreed to all of my dead literary lovers those who were already crouched in the corners of our bedroom Cummings Salinger Steinbeck Greene Hardy Eliot White but he never said okay to any of the living onesIn truth I had already been picturing myself in a trendy London cafe with Mr McEwan blowing the steam off of my tea asking him in a sultry voice about his taut prose and his juxtaposition My husband would know it was all for literature for the dying arts and as long as I didn t bump into Ralph Fiennes or Colin Firth while I was in town I would remain his foreverBut now my London cafe fantasy has morphed into a vision of me in a Starbucks in Boulder eating a low fat gluten free sconeBoring Yawn Painful How in the hell did Mr McEwan bring home the Man Booker Prize with this one Ian I haven t given up on you but AmsterDAM sir what happened here

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Amsterdam characters ´ 107 Porâneo e uma sátira esplêndida Um romance fabuloso revelador da sabedoria do humor desarmante e do talento extraordinário deste autor para prender o leitor do início ao final da obra tentando desesperadamente compreender poruê Amesterd?. This was a brilliant read the second Ian McEwan novel I have read I am tantalised by his dexterity as a writer his ability to write in a completely different style from that employed in Atonement This was utterly gripping I read this as I am going to be leading discussion on this in the book group I lead at my former school with sixth form students who are studying Atonement McEwan manages to captivate the attention of readers so forcefully though the characters are uestionable in their morals and attitudes The dry wit black humour satire and sparse sharp prose combine to make this a biting thrilling read McEwan is a master of writing intricate compelling twists and powerful denouements a much better composer than Clive Linley and unlike Linley a true artistic genius