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  • Delia Bay
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  • 13 June 2020
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READ & DOWNLOAD È Delia Bay To him foreverMy name is Luna PerryCould I ever shine bright enough in his eternal darkness to bring him back to meI was numbI wasn’t living not really The world had been wiped from under my fe. This is Cooper s best writing to date The story grabs hold of you from the beginning and doesn t let go I m excited to see of Delia Bay

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READ & DOWNLOAD È Delia Bay Et and the sun had forever seton any future I thought I might haveWho knew that one day the darkness would outshine any light the sun could have given meMy name is Reid Archer And this is my stor. Was a great book Ups and downs a big emotional roller coaster and some great characters

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READ & DOWNLOAD È Delia Bay I wasn’t looking for anythingI was content with the waves beneath my skin the salt in my hair Until HimUntil those tattooed fingers painted my life blackUntil the strings on his guitar tied me. Holy Mother of PearlThis is my first book by Lauren and I can tell you with absolute certainty that I will be delving into of her work very soonI could not put this book down from start to finish I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation The first thing that I need to tell you about this book is that you cannot read it in public as it is all the feels and will have you crying in the middle of the street I had emotions leaking out of my eyes for good and bad reasons and I could not help myselfFirstly Reid is such a tortured soul and when I didn t want to punch him because he couldn t see what was right in front of him or for saying the wrong thing I was so ready to hate fuck that mans brains out and then kiss it all better and just hold him for all that he has been through and continues to go through His dark and twisted soul will break your heart but in the most delicious wasLuna where do I even start with this wonderful woman I am so inspired by her her graciousness and beauty as a person Her ability to understand and to have the patience of a freaking saint when I probably would have smothered the man with a pillow by now lol She is such a freak spirit and yet so logical in her thoughts I really am inspired and will be striving to be like her precious soulNow something you need to know about this book it is going to eat you up alive I don t do spoilers and will continue not to because there is just so much that you get from this book but what I will say is that it really shed some light on peoples thinking and just how much we all need someone on our lives to count on Even just one person will make the world of difference to how your day goes There were some really sensitive subjects broached in this book and Ms Cooper handled them with such care really thinking about every ones feelings and allowing you as a reader to understand where it was all coming fromBefore I finish up I just want to say that with all this mushy stuff going on and the leaking emotions there was no shortage of some super sexy time happening There was a balance where you didn t feel like the couple were just banging each others brains out but the sexy time they were having was off the hinges hot without feeling overdone but still gave me all the feelsDelia Bay sounds that the type of small town that I would love to go and stay at and I m sure I ll be visiting again soonThis is my honest and unbiased review