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Read & Download Paco's Story Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Body He winds up back in the US with his legs full of pins daily rations of Librium and Valium and no sense of what to do next One evening on the tail of a rainstorm he limps off the bus and into the small town of Boone determined to find a real job and a real bed but no matt. Started out really liking 4stars the book which follows a lone surviving vet in his returning travails to the States but waned to just liking it 3stars as the resolution of the story sort of deflated the first 23rds storyline Most of the characters kind of monologue in a not entirely plausible way but the topics time frame and perspective of the returning vet and the people he met were very interesting and a bit novel from other things I have readI had initially thought this book rivaled The things they carried in tonescope and wondered how I had never heard of this book before picking it up used then the end sort of summed up to me why this book wouldn t really be taught in a classroom I m not gonna spoil the ending but it has a less satisfying resolution than other veterans novels and of course I didn t expect a happy ending but I also didn t feel like the journey was over when the writing ran out either

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Read & Download Paco's Story Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er how hard he works nothing muffles the anguish in his mind and body Brilliantly and vividly written Paco's Story winner of a National Book Award plunges you into the violence and casual cruelty of the Vietnam War and the ghostly aftermath that often dealt the harshest blows. I recall the early 80s explosion of Vietnam novels that occurred shortly after Mark Baker sat down with vets and compiled the interviews into the compulsively readable Nam I swiped this book from my father s nightstand and got sucked in immediately My circle of 14 year old friends larded our conversations with phrases like pop a cap and frag as the book got passed around and its physical condition uickly eroded Later in the Army my Sergeant Major who was drafted into the 101st in 1967 was keen on addressing the captains as Dai Uy and regaling us with cadences about Ho Chi Minh s venereal diseases My point is that post Boomers like me are still fascinated by our fathers conflict Twenty three years have passed since Larry Heineman published Paco s Story and I ve been through a couple of wars of my own and graduate school but I still find myself burning through the entire Ken Burns documentary series in a weekend This era with its slow motion photography of F 4s blistering the jungle with retarded Snakeye bombs OD clad Marines blowing holes through concrete walls at Hue and Coppola s famous Air Assault scene from Apocalypse Now still represents an absolutely fascinating epoch in modern history Did the 60s end with Charlie Manson or the Stones concert at Altamont I would argue vets like Paco experienced that sensation long before either event I seriously believed I had seen all this genre had to offer after Karl Marlantes Matterhorn but I found Heineman s book engrossing when I picked it up this winter Like The Deer Hunter it is less about the firefight than the aftermath The long description in Chapter 3 The Thanks of a Grateful Nation of being prepped for and then waking up from a traumatic surgery is wrenching but spot on they smeared the first doses of surgical soap on his chest and arms then commenced to scrub him raw When the shot finally took full effect Paco felt only a vague grinding sensation that was all as though someone were gouging the stringy meat and seeds from a ripe pumpkin with a blunt wooden spoon it sounded as though they were scrubbing coarse cloth bearing down with great vigor The chapter also contains a humorous 5 page monologue from a bus driver and so I think Chapter 3 serves as a microcosm for the rest of the novel marrying up disturbing details of long term pain with the day to day numbness of routine then sporadically hitting the reader with an uncomfortable laugh To be succinct I liked this Vietnam novel with its aching but patient protagonist its raw depictions of dirt blood and fragments of spent shell casings ground into flesh as well as its economy of words when Heineman writes phrases like guys smelling of cheap fishing trip beer there s no need to expand on it For a narrative on going through a meat grinder it is clean honest and worth a recommendation I think

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Read & Download Paco's Story Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Paco Sullivan is the only man in Alpha Company to survive a cataclysmic Viet Cong attack on Fire Base Harriette in Vietnam Everyone else is annihilated When a medic finally rescues Paco almost two days later he is waiting to die flies and maggots covering his burnt shattered. This is a book written by an old graduate school instructor of mine an instructor whose last class meeting of the uarter nearly got all of us drunk graduate students kicked out of school and arrested as it turned out only one of us got arrested not me and we all got kicked off of campus But that s a story for another day as Larry would say My bias aside however it s a terrific war post war story told by a ghost Literally