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The Cement Garden Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Amazing Kindle Epub, The Cement Garden by Ia. This was McEwan s very first novel which earned him the fame and the nickname Ian Macabre It was narrated by a 15 year old boy on his life with his three young siblings in a secluded big house shortly after the death of both parents They grew up in an isolated and dysfunctional family The lack of adult supervision and sexual experiences and the yearning for kinship while desiring individual space led them to explorations and experiments that beyond inexplicable It was haunting and disturbing to say the least Comparing to his later works I ve read it was simpler straightforward storytelling but similarly atmospheric with eually skilled character craftsmanship I felt his prose was smooth but not uite as dazzling as in his recent books

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The Cement Garden Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook And it really helps me connect with the stor. Ian McEwan s The Cement Garden is uite clearly not for everyone There are several severely disturbing incidents throughout the book that might make some readers wonder why they bought it and where is the nearest bookstore to return it There are other groups both of a religiousfascist nature the two are not always mutually exclusive that might have it pencilled in on their things to burn list In the hands of a lesser writer much of this book would seem vulgar However in McEwan s capable hands the book is instead disturbingly beautiful The book is very short and to say almost anything about it is to give almost everything away so you will find no excerpts or plot points in this review Suffice to say that The Cement Garden is a brilliant gripping read that feels like it s over before it began

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The Cement Garden Read & Download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook N McEwan The way the author shows is genius. Will it reflect badly on me if I say this book isn t sordid enough to be entertaining or truly affecting Considering how unsettling and uncomfortable it already isFour siblings ranging from 6 to 17 who have too close for comfort of a relationship if the word incest flashed in you mind you are correct it is not a spoiler the action starts on page 2 witness both their parents die within the weeks of each other When their mother dies they make a decision to bury her in the cellar and to not tell anyone to keep their family intact Left to their own devices these children go through the motions of playing house and you guessed it they don t do it very wellThe Cement Garden gives a predictably disturbing and occasionally icky picture of what can happen to kids isolated from the community and unsupervised by adults As much as I hate reading about incest especially when it is written as some romantic device or for melodramatic effect here it is strangely understandable albeit not less gross However the novel didn t uite work for me I thought there was to say about the family the kids parents their path to such a taboo closeness The point the author was trying to make with this story evaded me I just didn t uite get it or even if I did the novel failed to affect me as much as Atonement and On Chesil Beach did in the past It happens rather often when I read McEwan though