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  • 20 February 2018
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William Ophuls à 4 Free read Read è Immoderate Greatness 104 Sumption To avoid the common fate of all past civilizations will reuire a radical change in our ethos to wit the deliberate renunciation of greatness lest we precipitate a dark age in which the arts and adornments of civilization are partially or completely los. A detailed and sometimes very deep and analytical read on the patters of the rise and fall of civilizations Mr Ophuls uses a LOT of reference material and in particular the thesis present by Sir John Glubb which he adds detail to Worth reading to get and understanding of how mankind history nature society economics and ecology are all intertwined and create a scenario that has been repeated over 3000 years and that will surely ontinue to play itself out in the future

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Immoderate Greatness

William Ophuls à 4 Free read Read è Immoderate Greatness 104 Immoderate Greatness explains how a civilization’s very magnitude conspires against it to cause downfall Civilizations are hard wired for self destruction They travel an arc from initial success to terminal decay and ultimate collapse due to intrinsic inescap. If the reader is interested in the possible collapse of our global civilization and why this is probable then this is the book for you Also it discusses what kind of civilization might be built from the ruins The essential argument is conservationist and a plea for moderationgood luck with that Rating 5 out of 5 starsZombie apocalypse here we come

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William Ophuls à 4 Free read Read è Immoderate Greatness 104 Able biophysical limits combined with an inexorable trend toward moral decay and practical failure Because our own civilization is global its collapse will also be global as well as uniuely devastating owing to the immensity of its population complexity and con. In Immoderate Greatness Ophuls distils a lot of history and thought into a compelling argument that civilizations are hard wired to fail From Ophuls point of view all human civilzations have either failed or are failing For me it was difficult not to see strong parallels between the causes of failure ecological exhaustion exponential growth expedited entropy excessive complexity moral decay and practical failure and conditions of the world today The book begs the uestion what should we do about it and sadly I think Ophuls would say our best bets are Elon Musk Jeff Bezos and NASA