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  • Angels and Imperfections
  • Dan Arnold
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  • 08 June 2019
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CHARACTERS Ï Angels and Imperfections Ents which may be tied to a person associated with his clientHis partner Christine finds herself struggling to come to grips with her own ideals and beliefs She and John are being followed by members of an unknown agency When they learn there is a connection between the. IndescribableIt was so nice to read an adventure book without inappropriate language sex or indecent activities Loved the three main characters and Dustin too Tucker has a way with words by intertwining Biblical uotes Those is a perfect example of a great detective story that s good clean suspense and fun Looking forward to Book 2 Great job

CHARACTERS Angels and ImperfectionsAngels and Imperfections

CHARACTERS Ï Angels and Imperfections Agency and Christine’s former boss all the disparate threads are woven together into a tapestry of deathJohn and those around him will be led into a trap from which few will walk awayA fast paced contemporary detective thriller with action intrigue and a spiritual twis. All have sinned and fallen shortBut not this book Absolute stunning Dan Arnold s prose makes it easy to read His wit and content fascinating I loved the way he presented the Word throughout the book Made it very easily understood This is a 5 star must read

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CHARACTERS Ï Angels and Imperfections JOHN WESLEY TUCKER IS NEITHER AN ORDINARY DETECTIVE NOR AN ORDINARY MANPrivate Investigator John Wesley Tucker is hired to do a routine background check for a wealthy oil man an aspiring politician His investigation is complicated by his involvement in other cases and ev. This is an unusual mysterythriller in that the novel is a series of cases some of them unrelated to the main story line However each case whether related to the plot line or not fleshes out the main character and John Wesley Tucker is not your run of the mill private investigator He s a devout Christian who sees himself as a shepherd for the Lord here on earththough in many cases a flawed one He can rush into a fight almost on impulse is uite capable of packing a punch and is not afraid to use a fire armTucker is hired to do a background check by a powerful and wealthy oil man who has political aspirations and immediately is attracted to the man s beautiful employee He asks Christine out on a date which enrages and prompts the oil man s per