(PDF) Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo

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  • Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo
  • Yuri Herrera
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9781908276421

Yuri Herrera ð 9 review

review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Yuri Herrera ð 9 review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Summary ☆ 9 Woman who knows only too well how to survive in a violent macho world Leaving behind her life in Mexico to search for her brother she is smuggled into the USA carrying a pair of secret messages – one from her mother and one from the Mexican underwor. Beware there are some spoilers hereIn Aztec mythology when uetzalcoatl descends into the land of the dead the underworld his goal is to return the bones of ancestors to Earth to restore humanity Towards the end of his journey Mictlantecuhtli the God of the underworld sets a pit as a trap for uetzalcoatl to fall into to prevent him from leaving the underworld Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera begins with our protagonist Makina a contemporary uetzalcoatl who speaks three languages nearly falling into a sinkhole I m dead Makina said to herself and hardly had she said it than her whole body began to contest that verdict and she flailed her feet frantically backward each step mere inches from the sinkhole until the precipice settled into a perfect circle and Makina was savedPage 1 uickly sucks you into action that feels surreal In fact I had to read the first two pages numerous times to understand exactly what was happening After the first few pages you accept the surreal nature of the story and know that what is going to happen in the story will bend reality Makina is a woman who speaks three languages native indigenous language latin spanish and anglogabacho English Along with being trilingual Makina is wise beyond her years she mingles with dangerous gangsters and possesses knowledge that makes her superior to her human counterparts much like uetzalcoatl god of knowledge For example in one instance Makina makes a fool of a wannabe anglo who shows up to the village with a cellphone The wannabe decides to show off his technology in front of the entire village and fails miserably Makina held off bit then and said Maybe you should have bought a few cell towers too The poor guy turned redThe plot of the story entails Makina s journey to deliver a message to her brother who left the village to claim land that his father had supposedly promised turns out to be a lie Makina sets out to find her brother in the USA and takes a journey that mimics s journey through Mictlan and the nine layers of the underworld The first three stages of Makina s journey reference the path many Mexican immigrants take village town big chilango Mexico City These are the stages most southern Mexicans take on their way to the border which can be interpreted to represent passage into the underworld Makina crosses the Mexican American border and discovers snow and snowflakes which serve as a metaphor for the cycles of life the constantly changing nature of life fleeting stages etc common in Aztec mythology and when it dissolved a few seconds later she wondered how it was that some things in the world some countries some people could seem eternal when everything was actually like that miniature ice palace one of a kind precious fragileMakina begins to realize that Americans who are described as wooden consumers live a superficial lifeshe noticed how miserable they looked in front of those little digital screens And how on versing out to the street they sought to make amends for their momentary one up by becoming wooden again so as not to offend anyoneMakina encounters fellow hard working Mexicans who seem to embody the ancient Aztec virtue of sacrifice In Makina s description the Mexican workers are simultaneously depicted as subservient workers and the bolts holding together society Work seems to represent an acceptance of the nature of life a shared objective and no begging and humanity s fleeting existence in this world Makina traverses several stages in her journey to find her brother nine to be exact In the eight stage she starts to lose hope and her sense of purpose which happens as she nears the final stage the abyss She d been asking after her brother around the edges of the abyss She finally finds her brother and learns that he is in many ways stuck in the underworld and has no plans to return back to their Mexican village Makina leaves her brother knowing he s content and reads the note which she didn t actually deliver It reads Come on back now we don t expect anything from you The message obviously anticlimactic turns out to be a minor detail in a much greater uest of mythical proportions Makina eventually reaches the final stage and this is where the line between myth and reality is completely blurred The final stage a place like a sleepwalkers bedroom defies the human senses there are no smells and the sounds are strange In this underworld she takes a spiral staircase down she is approached by a tall thin man who hands her a file Makina took the file and looked at its contents There she was with another name another birthplace Her photo new numbers new trade new home I ve been skinnedThis skinning therefore represents a process of rebirth Makina s rebirth seemingly represents a success for humanity much in the same way that s rescuing of the ancient bones restored humanity Our story is greater than a note or gangsters or finding her brother it turns out she is on an epic tale of eternal significance We can assume all ends well and a new cycle begins with Makina saying and when everything in the world fell silently she said to herself I m readyThis book is not really a leisurely read something you can haphazardly read while laying down Some parts will really make you think Overall I rate this a 5 simply for its beautiful language and ability to re situate Aztec mythology within Mexican literature While most Mexican writers have historically voiced a strong Mestizo voice with Aztec folklore left in the periphery Yuri Herrera roots his work in the myths that many of our ancestors once found solace in

review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundoSeñales ue precederán al fin del mundo

review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Yuri Herrera ð 9 review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Summary ☆ 9 E United States and those who cross it He explores the crossings and translations people make in their minds and language as they move from one country to another especially when there’s no going backTraversing this lonely territory is Makina a young. Sometimes us readers find ourselves drowning in superlatives in the fawning pith clipped to the front and back and inside pages of new literature forcing us to retreat into the hallowed recesses of the Buried Book Club sniffing for unpraised truffles amid the chaff and in most cases these superlatives raise our expectations to ludicrous levels before the cover has been admired or the blurb has been scanned causing outrage at the over pumped words that writers and critics are obligated to dole out from term to term to keep the pretence alive that Fresh and New and Vital Literature is still being written if not the Grants and Council Funding will stop and the inevitable disappointment at not being taken to the Nirvana that James Kirkenhead at Kirkus Reviews promised on the backflap That is one cross we have to bear as readers This lean and intelligent novella earns its superlatives and yes perhaps this anti superlative preface is in itself a superlative however at least this anti superlative superlative avoids the words stunning and greatest in a sincere sentence and perhaps even pricks your disinterest

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review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Yuri Herrera ð 9 review Señales ue precederán al fin del mundo Summary ☆ 9 Winner of the 2016 Best Translated Book Award for FictionSigns Preceding the End of the World is one of the most arresting novels to be published in Spanish in the last ten years Yuri Herrera does not simply write about the border between Mexico and th. We the BarbariansHere are the headlines about immigration for the benefit of the border patrol and the nativists to consider We want to be here less than you want us here even though here was ours before it was yours We don t want to be like you We want to get back before we resemble you too much to go home You have no idea of the the weariness we feel at the monuments of another history But we re much tougher than you are You make drugs illegal the price goes up and the trade gets really attractive to bad guys here and there You make people illegal the same thing happens Everybody pays except the thugs They make money the illegal you make the trade It s called capitalism You invented it but we re better at it than you areYou don t speak our language But we understand yours So we can keep secrets but you can t Not that we don t already know everything we need to know about you Everything s so stiff here it s all numbered and people look you in the eye but they don t say anything when they do It s fortunate for you that we are honest than you areWe are sometimes afraid when we are hungry or tired or caught in a difficult situation But you are afraid all the time You live in fear of the lights going out as if every day wasn t already made of lightning and blackouts You need us You want to live forever but still can t see that for that to work you need to change color and number But it s already happening We are an healthier colour than youWe know what you think of us We are to blame for this destruction we who don t speak your tongue and don t know how to keep uiet either We who didn t come by boat who dirty up your doorsteps with our dust who break your barbed wire We who came to take your jobs who dream of wiping your shit who long to work all hours We who fill your shiny clean streets with the smell of food who brought you violence you d never known who deliver your dope who deserve to be chained by neck and feet We who are happy to die for you what else could we do We the ones who are waiting for who knows what We the dark the short the greasy the shifty the fat the anemic We the barbarians Perhaps But we also know things about life you don t We are comfortable even in Hell You are uncomfortable even in Paradise We have the sort of courage you know nothing about We are your future