[PDF/EBOOK] Spanking for Lovers

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • Spanking for Lovers
  • Janet W. Hardy
  • en
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9780937609767

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FREE DOWNLOAD É Spanking for Lovers Consensual adult spanking can be sexy or strict giggly or grave gentle enough to pinken the skin or intense enough to leave marks It can involve infinite combinations of roles implements and positions enough to keep even the most avid spankophile busy for a lifetime Ja. If you re into being spanked enjoy dishing out the spankings or interested in the world of spanking then you must check out Janet Hardy s Spanking for Lovers This book is a uick read but it is packed with so much useful information and is written in such a friendly tone that it makes the book not only educational but enjoyable as well There are a lot of great resources included at the end of the book for individuals who are wanting to learn This is a book that is well worth your time and money if you re wanting to learn about the world of spanking

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FREE DOWNLOAD É Spanking for Lovers Ing to spice up their sex life to the advanced player This book combines the content of Hardy's previous books The Compleat Spanker and The Toybag Guide to Canes and Caning into a comprehensive readable guide that will take its place among the classics of kinky sexuali. I enjoyed the subject matter but holy Lord this book is extremely repetitive The appendices span nearly 40 pages in a 168 page book Since the author exhausted the limitless possibilities of spanking I get it there s plenty of imaginative ways to get off the appendices only inculcated the advice given in the first chapters which can be helpful to some but downright annoying and wasteful to others Let it be known that you can learn a lot from reading this book The resources page at the end is especially useful to neophyte kinksters Caning receives a flattering commentary the author admits that she is biased toward the pleasures of this particular spanking implement so the reader is given uite the introduction to different materials used to make canes and how to purchaseuse them Overall the book is helpful to any spankophile but it s clear after reading halfway through it that you can outright skip multiple sections without missing anything common sense would note I think it s obvious you don t want to cause a person to bruise or leak plasma from their nether regions but maybe that s just me


FREE DOWNLOAD É Spanking for Lovers Net W Hardy formerly Lady Green has been a spanker and spankee for than a uarter century with partners of all genders from all over the globe Here paired with famed spanking illustrator Barb she offers the how to and why to of spanking for anyone from the beginner look. Great stuff