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  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • Some Possible Solutions
  • Helen Phillips
  • English
  • 06 February 2018
  • 9781627793797

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Helen Phillips ½ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Helen Phillips DOWNLOAD ✓ Some Possible Solutions Nd with their place in the natural world We meet a wealthy woman who purchases a high tech sex toy in the shape of a man a rowdy moody crew of college students who resolve the energy crisis and orphaned twin sisters who work as futuristic strippers and we see that no one is uite who they appea. As a fan of alternative reality fiction I enjoyed Helen Phillips new collection of short stories called Some Possible Solutions very much More in fact then her recent novel The Beautiful Bureaucrat In my personal world of writers I imagine Phillips attending a parallel universe garden party surrounded by curious foliage sipping unidentifiable multi colored beverages and chatting with Karen Russell and Kelly Link in a strange but oddly familiar language Dusk fallseveryone is wondering if George Saunders will show up twin blue moons rise Phillips has an engaging adroit imagination and her style works well with weird short stories Most of her ideas start from the stance of what if and she s very good at both dystopias and strange funny scenarios What if wealthy people could purchase a high tech toy called MyMan What if your children were aliens but your spouse just didn t believe it What if you had doppelg ngers in the neighborhood What if the nickname of your baby was The ueen What if you had the choice to know the date of your death Like Saunders Helen Phillips tells many of her family stories with a lot of heart and they make for a very rewarding reading experience

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Helen Phillips ½ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Helen Phillips DOWNLOAD ✓ Some Possible Solutions Rs search for solutions to the problem of how to survive in an irrational infinitely strange world In dystopias that are exaggerated versions of the world in which we live these characters strive for intimacy and struggle to resolve their fraught relationships with each other with themselves a. Some Possible Solutions is a collection of 18 short stories that are strange and unsettling They often slip into a dystopian world This is a difficult book to review because some stories really went over my hear while I really loved some others The Knowers was a chilling read in which a woman knows the exact date when she is going to die Does that make your life better or worseThe dystopian world in Contamination Generation is a possible reality We have degraded our environment and now nature is something only the rich can indulge in Yes all of nature Even the grass I loved the perspective of the story To read a bit about the other stories visit overall I would say this is a nice collection of stories But all of them might not work for you You have to read and find out which ones you love After I read this book I had many readers recommending me Helen Philip s first book The Beautiful Bureucrat which is said to be a nicer read than the short story collection I haven t read that But I think I will pick it up one day Disclaimer Much thanks to Pushkin Press for a copy of the book All opinions are my own

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Helen Phillips ½ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Helen Phillips DOWNLOAD ✓ Some Possible Solutions What if your perfect hermaphrodite match existed on another planet What if you could suddenly see through everybody's skin to their organs What if you knew the exact date of your death What if your city was filled with doppelgangers of youForced to navigate these bizarre scenarios the characte. Helen Phillips tells stories set in worlds that are similar to ours but slightly different Often this setting worked well in showcasting humanity and its flaws but sometimes it seemed gimicky than clever At the heart these are stories about women and their uniue struggles with motherhood and relationships with changed technology with dissappointment and many things When the stories worked they really resonated with me and Helen Phillips brilliant imagination made the stories fresh and highly poignant But often I found the stories to be way too vague to work for me and I often failed to form any meaningful connections with the characters I felt that the characters were just a metaphor to work in the greater metaphor of her work and as such they did not always feel real and human The best story of the whole collection is the very first one The Knowers here the speculative setting worked brilliantly as a way of highlighting very human relationships and different ways of dealing I also immensely enjoyed The Doppelg ngers and its clever use of metaphor Here the lines between what is real and what is imagined are blurred in a way that I found pretty brilliantOn the other end of the spectrum are Things we do and The wedding stairs the metaphorical style was so overwhelming that I couldn t tell you what the stories are actually about these stories did not work for me at allThis was highly uneven collection when Helen Phillips stories work they are amazing and poignant and a joy to read when they don t they are vague and without much to say I settled on three stars in the end because the second half of the collection was mostly made up with stories that I found dissappointing