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  • See the Ocean
  • Estelle Condra
  • English
  • 03 November 2018
  • 9780977814305

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Estelle Condra ´ 0 Read & Download Free download See the Ocean ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Bring tears to your eyes A great story for teaching children about those that are less fortunate than they might b. I love inter action within a family and this is a wonderful way to express the childhood responses of siblings The brothers think they are the only ones who can see but the in depth sight of their little sister warms the heart Hooray for Estelle Condra for helping us who are physically sighted to see in a deeper way A very helpful book You can see Nellie s description as she is telling her family about the ocean The details are so vivid and real You actually feel like you re at the ocean as well The illustrations of this book are imperative and reinforcing to text and mood of story may often add a different detail than text alone The animal is identifiable and the heroheroine with admirable character traits that show growth and represent the theme Language is lively concise not overly didactic and with uality writing and a coherent structure Screaming to be read aloudSee the Ocean is a beautiful story of a family who vacations at the beach every year As the characters are introduced we learn important things about them especially the little sister

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Estelle Condra ´ 0 Read & Download Free download See the Ocean ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ndra the author who has experienced a severe loss of her sight has told Nellie's story in such a way that it will. This is a wonderful tale about a family that focuses on their vacations to the seashore The relationships between the siblings is depicted in an all too honest manner and the youngest sister s disability is not revealed until the end I loved the illustrations they reminded me of picturesue impressionist paintings And the narrative is somewhat mundane but not in a bad way it simply describes the day to day interaction of a family with young children on vacation We enjoyed reading this book together This book was featured as one of the selections for the June 2011 Persons Facing Physical Challenges discussion at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books group here at Goodreads I m glad that we had the opportunity to read this book I asked our girls when they first realized that the little girl was blind and although my youngest said that she knew it right away our oldest admitted that she didn t see it until the end and I think that was true for both of them I knew based on the book club discussion that she was blind but I wonder if it would have changed my perspective on the book if I hadn t

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Estelle Condra ´ 0 Read & Download Free download See the Ocean ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written picture book about Nellie a little girl that is blind Estelle Co. Effective I love that Nellie s brothers are just as normal as she is all the kids love each other and all the kids bicker and compete just like any siblings Well except we do wonder at first why Nellie doesn t ever want a window seat in the car and why she keeps score in her headIf you read this with children please don t tell them what it s about Let them decide it s uite likely they ll say something other than it s about a little blind girl I predict and hope they say something like it s about imagination or it s about a family or it s about vacations