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  • Pay Attention Carter Jones
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  • 05 June 2020
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Gary D. Schmidt ´ 6 Summary

Summary Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Gary D. Schmidt Gary D. Schmidt ´ 6 Summary Pay Attention Carter Jones characters ☆ 6 S notions of decorum And ultimately when his burden of grief and anger from the past can no longer be ignored Carter learns that a burden becomes lighter when it is shar. E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusCarter lives with his three younger sisters and harried mother while his father is in the military in Germany When Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick a trained butler shows up on a raining morning when the family is out of milk and the dog is throwing up on people s socks and announces that the family s deceased grandfather left funding for him to continue employment helping out while the father is away the mother takes advantage of his service He s especially useful since he comes with a car and the family Jeep is on its last legs Carter is dealing with the death of his brother and trying to establish a place for himself in school Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick is helpful in setting up a cricket team so Carter is invited even though he is only in 6th grade The butler also teaches Carter to drive and lets him pilot the car on errands even when his sisters are in the car Carter s father doesn t appear to be coming home from Germany and Carter contemplates a bonding trip the two took to Australia In the end we find out that Carter s father is not coming home and that Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick has the chance to be with either Carter and his sisters or the father and he choses to stay with Carter in the US Strengths This had a lot of funny moments like the opening before school scene and Carter learning to drive Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick is technically a gentleman s gentleman in the style of televisions Mr Belvedere or Sebastian Cabot s Mr French and tries to get the children to behave properly I did like the way he sent them off every day Make good decisions and remember who you are It s nice to see Mr Schmidt doing another contemporary fiction book his most popular book in my library is First Boy 2005Weaknesses A butler Cricket A family named after the Brontes with no explanation Because of the situation with the father pretty sure he had another entire family in Germany I felt information about the mother was needed although I am not usually a fan of too much parental intrusion in novels The situation with the brother was not necessary and changed this from a humorous novel into a slow paced depressing one We have plenty of those but not enough humorous onesWhat I really think I loved Lorenzi s A Long Pitch Home about a boy moving from Pakistan and changing from cricket to baseball and another book about cricket might have been fun The father s choice to remain in Germany could have been dealt with better and been instructive Somehow the combination of elements didn t work for me The cover is fantastic but students are going to check it out and think it is going to be a fun book when it s not

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Summary Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Gary D. Schmidt Gary D. Schmidt ´ 6 Summary Pay Attention Carter Jones characters ☆ 6 Tle bit brokenIn addition to figuring out middle school Carter has to adjust to the unwelcome presence of this new know it all adult in his life and navigate the butler'. This made me think of Louisiana s Way Home and not just because of kids driving cars and having to find forgiveness or at least understanding for a parental figure It s because Schmidt like DiCamillo can write with such intensity that things are allowed to be unbelievable and funny and absurd in a sublime way But I think that has to start from the writing Occasionally both authors in their less successful moments get it backward and start with forced absurdity rather than trust in their supernal writing to effect this transformation This happens a bit here the whole premise of the book with the Butler and the cricket is clearly in danger of falling on its own absurd sword and it sometimes doesBut you know what Okay For Now was a historically great book It can t be the standard against which to judge other books Schmidt is a great writer This is a Schmidt book

Summary Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Gary D. Schmidt

Summary Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Gary D. Schmidt Gary D. Schmidt ´ 6 Summary Pay Attention Carter Jones characters ☆ 6 Carter Jones is astonished early one morning when he finds a real English butler bowler hat and all on the doorstep one who stays to help the Jones family which is a lit. It doesn t exactly form a trilogy with two earlier Gary D Schmidt novels The Wednesday Wars and Okay for Now but Pay Attention Carter Jones is definitely related though set decades in the future Stupid old Marysville isn t that different from when Doug Swieteck and Lil Spicer were kids but a new generation is coming of age during a new far off war with fresh challenges to surmount Carter Jones s family is in disorder His mother has a hard time keeping Carter and his sisters Emily a second grader Charlie fourth grader and Annie fifth grader on schedule in her role as a single parent The kids father Captain Jackson Jonathan Jones of the US military has been stationed overseas a long time and the family is muddling along in his absence Carter is starting sixth grade and his sisters are getting ready for their own school year debuts on the morning the doorbell rings and a surprising figure enters their lives Mr August Paul Bowles Fitzpatrick is about to reshape their immediate future A gentleman s gentleman is the title that Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick prefers not butler He was employed by Carter s wealthy paternal grandfather who had no relationship with the family but recently passed away beueathing the Butler to serve the Jones family for as long as their grandfather s money lasts Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick smoothly assumes control easing stress on Carter s mother by directing the kids to do their part around the house Has Ned the family dachshund thrown up on the floor Then Carter must clean it up and the Butler won t accept no for an answer Better yet Carter can take the initiative and walk Ned before the dog tosses his cookies sparing the unpleasant cleanup Carter and his sisters are taken aback by the Butler s uiet yet firm demeanor defying him somehow never feels like an option Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick drives the kids to school every day in his British Bentley a bold purple car that Carter dubs the Eggplant The Butler never fails to send each young Jones off to school with the same advice Make good decisions and remember who you are Having his autonomy limited by the Butler is onerous to Carter but the gentleman s gentleman soon feels like a normal part of his life and Carter reluctantly acuiesces to his leadership Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick recruits Carter and his best friend Billy Colt to learn the British sport of cricket and while Carter feels foolish dressing up in white country club clothes and swinging a strange shaped bat on the athletic fields of Longfellow Middle School Coach Krosoczka and the cross country running team are intrigued The Butler teaches the eighth grade runners to play and excel at cricket a game he perceives as superior to baseball The boys will learn the ideals of sportsmanship if they master cricket even as they compete with the football team for fans and school resources Football is much popular in the US than cricket can even Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick sway the student body to switch their allegiance to the pastime of a foreign nation There are timeswhen we find ourselves in a position of great purpose It may be that the apt word spoken at the apt moment leads to great good in the world and most often that is a word of kindness and encouragement The Butler Pay Attention Carter Jones P 195 Carter is surprised by the passion he develops for cricket but he has other concerns Expecting his father to return from deployment at any moment Carter s hope spoils like warm milk when his mother breaks the news that Captain Jones won t be home anytime soon Carter reels at this betrayal but the Butler encourages him to keep a stiff upper lip even if he feels like giving up Mr Bowles Fitzpatrick came to America to turn Carter into a gentleman is a dignified indomitable spirit not the epitome of such Tragedy has figured prominently in Carter s life the last few years but the Butler has the key to unlock his potential to rise about the awfulness personal discipline and responsibility meeting every day head on and not wavering when faced with stress and strife Carter s mother has no choice but to be strong for her kids but Carter gets to choose his role in helping his family recover from its deep wounds The Butler is here to help him become a person worthy of his father s military legacy even if Captain Jones doesn t live up to that legacy himself For Carter it s the start of growing up In the midst of great anxiety and great sadness it takes an honorable man to nourish the goodness around him small and fragile as it may seem The Butler P 118 The first hardcover edition of Pay Attention Carter Jones features cover art by James Lancett It sets a cartoonish almost silly tone compare it to the original covers of The Wednesday Wars done by Jonathan Gray and Okay for Now Ali Smith and you ll see what I mean Later editions had different cover art but Lancett s captures the feel of this book Pay Attention Carter Jones is harder to take seriously than Gary D Schmidt s masterful writing from ten to fifteen years earlier The way cricket catches on at Longfellow Middle School feels too easy less believable than the Shakespeare mania in The Wednesday Wars or the Jane Eyre and John James Audubon fads of Okay for Now The Butler has a decidedly British bias to his overall philosophy and I d have liked to see a competent rival challenge some of his presuppositions especially regarding the American Revolution The evolution of the narrative between Carter and his father can be difficult to follow the way the story is structured near the end left me unsure how and when certain revelations were made Pay Attention Carter Jones has its strengths but rates far below Gary D Schmidt s premium work It s a goodhearted attempt to import some British culture to the US even if it doesn t accomplish the goal as well as it might have