Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets) (E–pub/E–book) ☆ Mary Oliver

  • Paperback
  • 160
  • Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets)
  • Mary Oliver
  • English
  • 05 December 2018
  • 9781852246280

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Summary Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets) 107 Ere are many interesting things in this book format Paperback and oth. There should be a word for the particular kind of sadness you feel when a week after reading what you know will become your favourite poem you find out the woman who wrote it just died I ve never been a massive fan of traditional nature poetry sorry Wordsworth being of a here s my bleeding heart on a plate poetry kind of girl Mary Oliver though is the exception to my rule I just I don t know how to describe her writing in a way that would do it justice Her poetry isn t complex but it s beautiful every description uniue but utterly fitting It s the type of poetry that s best appreciated while reading outdoors but if you re lazy like me then it can also be best read half leaning out your window feet on the radiator tea in hand

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Summary Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets) 107 Popular Book, Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets) author Mary Oliver Th. This is a wonderful book With fresh sparse prose and unerring insight Mary Oliver s writing conveys the sort of connection with nature that Wordsworth writes about experiencing as a child except with Oliver the feeling stays with her always She writes with a haunting brillianceThe face of a moose is as sadAs the face of Jesusthe sea Which was slashing along as usual Shouting and hissing Toward the futurethe hummingbird comeslike a small green angel to soakhis dark tonguein happiness But not only does she write about nature entwined with her wonderful observations of animals birds and the countryside are insights into the human condition our experiences of life death joy and bitterness It s all thereIf you want to get a flavour of this woman s marvellous work here is a link to her reading three of her poems It really is a wonderful reading

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Summary Wild Geese (Bloodaxe World Poets) 107 Ers 160 pages and has a text language like English isbn 9781852246280. Feels really nice to finish my first poetry book of the year Will take a few weeks to get a in depth review up on my blog For now let me say that Mary Oliver is fast becoming a favourite poet of mine Her world view is refreshingly in depth yet humble and resonates somewhat with my own I enjoy the flow and structure of her work and hope to read in the future