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  • Cowboys Are My Weakness
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  • 26 June 2020
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Read & Download Cowboys Are My Weakness µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Globe collection of stories we meet smart women who are looking for the love of a good man and men who are wild and hard to pin down Our heroines are part daredevil part philosopher all acute observers of the nuances of modern romance“Houston takes women into grand spac. I gave this collection to a girl once who I was trying to woo I truly felt as though Houston had captured the essence of modern femininity and that by giving this young lady such a relevant and symbolic short story book I was on my way towell you know The young woman s reaction however was laughter and not the kind of laughter I was seeking It was sardonic you thought I would like these stories kind of laughter But I kind of enjoyed the stories Houston doesn t play games with reader she has her formula and sticks to it and I find her work fundamentally pleasing most of the time

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Read & Download Cowboys Are My Weakness µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Es both emotional and physical and isolates them until there’s nothing left to do but sit down and take a hard look at one’s soul” Los Angeles Times Cowboys Are My Weakness is an “exhilarating” Washington Post and realistic look at men and women together and apa. I used to work at an independent bookstore here in town first job I had when I moved here until the store s landlord jacked up the rent and the store shut down Until it did I found it relatively easy to happen upon authors I would take to esp if I didn t already know them by name the rather large store was already filled with an eclectic mix I was in charge of beefing up the classics section publishing houses regularly sent us ARCs Publishers Weekly was sent to the store Now it s different Finding new authors can be a lot of work I ve been spending some time catching up on classics I hadn t read while feeling guilty about not reading much that was all that contemporary except in the area of politics So I took a different approach I went to some websites for publishing houses that I particularly like to see what was in their catalogues I happen to like WW Norton That s how I found Pam Houston What I realize now is that Houston has put out a bunch of books since this collection of 12 stories from 1992 She seems to have fans who have remained loyal to her no matter what She also seems to have taken hits from those who think her subseuent books have not been up to the level of Cowboys Are My Weakness great title which also piued my interest Houston s shtick appears to be a process of reinventing herself as different people in story after story roman clef style At least in this collection all of the protagonists may as well have been identified as the same person Not that that bothered me much it seemed to allow her moments of pure fiction just that it was noticeable Also noticeable is a clear division between the stories dominated by a masculine tone the ones focused on rough activities like white water rafting or ram hunting etc and the ones revealing a feminine longing for hearth and home Basically there are 6 stories of each the former overall are formal the latter are breezier funnier and full of acerbic wit As depicted in these stories Houston is a nature gal And she loves animals she loves their wildness That s also what she loves in men As it says in the title story You fall in love with a man s animal spirit Jonathan tells me and then when he speaks like a human being you don t know who he is Houston s doppel g ng er has a dilemma the kind of man she longs for is not the kind of man who is likely to stay I found these stories largely entertaining and often uite well written At the same time I sort of worried about the author I later learned that she came from a troubled background so I applaud her survivor skills I certainly hope that now 30 years later she s in a good place re the care of her heart In the last story In My Next Life Houston does a real switch and writes about a deep friendship with another woman I ve never had a woman lover and yet with Abby it would have been possible The woman ultimately becomes ill and in need of the writer s care As described the bond has layers than anything up to that point involving a man

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Read & Download Cowboys Are My Weakness µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook “I’ve always had this thing for cowboys maybe because I was born in New Jersey” says the narrator in this collection’s title story “But a real cowboy is hard to find these days even in the West”In Pam Houston’s “bright edgy and ruefully self aware” Boston. This is the first book my then boyfriend now husband gave to meand he turned me into a life long Pam Houston fan He LOANED ME One Hundred Years of Solitude first but he bought me this oneThis is probably my favorite book but everything she s written is fantastic and while I count the days until her next book once it s out I SLOWLY read itkind of like I did with John Irving when I first read World According to Garp or Widow for One Yearevery page is satisfyingand although she s completely different than David Sedaris they are the two authors I constantly look up online just in case they have something new coming out