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CHARACTERS Focus by Arthur Miller DOWNLOAD Focus by Arthur Miller 100 READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Arthur Miller Written in 1945 Focus was Arthur Miller's first novel and one of the first books to directly confront American anti Semitism It remains as chilling and incisive today as it was at the time of its controversial debut As World War II draws to a close anti Semitism. A chilling study into the rise of anti Semitism during the closing stages of the second world war that centres on Mr Newman a personnel manager living with his mother who on a regular basis witnesses the abuse of his neighbours and locals who are of different race and culture but chooses to turn a blind eye and just get on with his life But after he starts wearing glasses he is mistaken for a Jew and persecuted so begins internally to uestion what drives ordinary people to act this way and how can the problem be overcomeMiller is such a better Playwright than a novelist and in generally it shows dealing with a difficult subject matter he handles well but there are so many other pieces of literature out there that do a better job regarding the pre and post war struggles Challenging and truthful but ultimately doesn t really hit you so much on an emotional level

CHARACTERS Focus by Arthur Miller

Focus by Arthur Miller

CHARACTERS Focus by Arthur Miller DOWNLOAD Focus by Arthur Miller 100 READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Arthur Miller Him the target of anti Semitic persecution As he and his wife find friendship and support from a Jewish immigrant Newman slowly begins to understand the racial hatreds that surround him A strong sincere book bursting with indignation The New York Times Book Revie. Who knew Arthur Miller wrote novels Certainly not me before reading Focus It is very clear when reading this novel that Miller is also a playwright The style is incredibly cinematic the narrator hangs over characters and seamlessly drops in and out of their lives the action in this book is dramatic and I think that its psychological dimension would be enhanced if performed There is without a doubt a blurring of styles in Focus which makes it so readable and also so thought provoking Arthur Miller is most famously a great playwright but this work has also shown him to be a great novelist Conceptually the story was very clever Focus is about a man Lawrence Newman who without glasses passes as a normal American man however when instructed by his boss to get his eyes tested he ends up needing a pair of spectacles which completely transform his appearance The glasses accentuate all of his features and lead his image to resonate with that of a Jewish man The title is therefore a play on the idea that wearing glasses changes his whole perspective on the world as his previous antisemitic views are abandoned once he finds himself on the receiving end of the hate Focus is a moral tale because Lawrence ends up developing sympathy for the Jews and feels like he s setting down a great weight when he lets a police officer believe he s a Jew in the final chapter rather than protesting as he would have done before I don t know if Lawrence was a Jew all along His views at the beginning were very extreme so it would seem a bit bizarre to do a full 180 on this even if glasses made him unrecognisable Lawrence goes on to lose his job marry a woman he first thought was a Jew and face a life of hate in his neighbourhood As a modern reader it left me thinking what s the point Which is touched upon by Lawrence at the end where he says he d like a lighting bolt to hit Earth and get rid of all the groups we divide ourselves with I always associate antisemitism with the extremes of the holocaust where perhaps the we re all human argument has pertinence but it is still very much applicable hereThe novel is strangely poetic the descriptions of setting especially the 40 days of hot weather at the beginning of chapter 16 were particularly stunning There is something rather masculine about this novel which again I find rather futile The uestion of male pride is central to the narrative and motivates what Lawrence and also Finkelstein the Jewish shopkeeper do and do not do It is this same concept which makes Miller s exploration of character so psychological as the men are driven by primal instincts to remain leader of the pack but the great irony is the packs are what call for the assertion of dominance and so the whole thing is a vicious circle I didn t like Lawrence s relationship with Gertrude his wife The whole thing was really unconvincing She seemed to be lying about not being Jewish too and their circular conversations about Lawrence having to do something about the situation got rather boring and in most instances didn t serve any other purpose other than showing someone relied on Lawrence to protect them I ll give it 3 stars because although it was good it was a bit preachy in places and the subliminal promotion of a world with no cultural groups probably wouldn t ever solve the problem The mixing of styles was also a bit disorientating at times but the pace and ideas were fantastic

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CHARACTERS Focus by Arthur Miller DOWNLOAD Focus by Arthur Miller 100 READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ç Arthur Miller Is alive and well in Brooklyn New York Here Newman an American of English descent floats through a world of multiethnic neighborhoods indifferent to the racism around him That is until he begins wearing glasses that render him Jewish in the eyes of others making. When first published in 1945 Focus was one of the few pieces of fiction that explicitly shined a light on the very real rise of Anti Semitism and bigotry on American shores even while American troops were fighting fascist regimes overseas Bigotry can rear its pernicious head in any community at any time this was Arthur Miller s point That said I would argue that Focus serves a greater role as a historical document than it does as a relevant narrative for the modern era Overall Miller treats the concept that racism is bad as this a jaw dropping revelation which in a present context is patronizingly insulting In this day and age saying that Anti Semitism is bad is obvious not a bombshell illumination This is compounded by the fact that Anti Semitism is still alive and thriving in the United States occurring in scale from casual micro aggressions to outright assault in the case of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting of 2018 Further I would argue that Miller is a far better playwright than he is a novelist The loud and overly simplistic Focus lacks the nuance and affect of better work like The Crucible So if you are a fan of Miller s work this one may fall out of focus for you this is a dad pun my father insisted I include in this review sorry If you want to read about early works denouncing Anti Semitism then Focus is a document with historical merit Otherwise I d say skip it for something impactful like Elie Wiesel s Night Rating 25 stars