E–book (Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2))

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  • Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2)
  • S.J. Sanders
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  • 09 January 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2) FREE DOWNLOAD Ò PRIMACLEANSEPLUSUK.CO.UK ↠ S.J. Sanders Mbered in ancient myths he is forced to take up the burden of harnessing death itself to protect both worlds of humanity and the denizens of the Eternal Forest Betrayed once by the promise of love he has no interest in forming a permanent bond with a human whose life thread is woven into the upcoming events by the Fates A role that is unclear even to the oracle Yet as they face the darkness together will he forge an alliance of flesh blood and love with the one being who could destroy hi. Uuuuuh Girlllll That was soooo cool like damn I loved the world building the characters Hahaha I definitely love Turan seriously goddess I think I need your help hahaha cries internally this is by far one of my favorite books of this year really in this one has everything romance action heartbreak and all these things a amazing book must have but you know what I like the in SJ Sanders books Everything happens in the book you don t stays like ok and then or this could be different or worse wanting for book two in a standalone Ok now about the characters in the first book that was about Charu the first time I saw Silvas I definitely already suspected that the second one was going to be about him because damn he was soooo hot in that mansion when he helps Charu so yeah hahaha but In this book we know him and I loved every minute ok not really because he can be a stubborn asshole but I forgive him one of the things that I liked the was his link with his Forest the creatures that habit there and he can shapeshift and guys he s sooo wild hehehe you get the reference Ok I ll not speak about how sexy and wild he is when he is fucing now we have Diana duhh We can know she s a badass just because of her name but really the girl knows how to hunt knows how to fight with a sword and isn t a damsel in distress so she s perfect And better of all hahaha she doesn t gets his bullsht really she made he sweat for I ll not say Hahaha

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Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2)

FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2) FREE DOWNLOAD Ò PRIMACLEANSEPLUSUK.CO.UK ↠ S.J. Sanders Voiding the terror of the forest Diana lived in a state of uneasy peace with the woods near her home until the same forest betrayed her and shifted her between worlds There something hunts and devours men And worse it has intruded into the mortal world Caught in a web of fate Diana has no escape from the terror of her destiny awaiting herSilvas is the lucumo silvani and high king of the Eternal Forest When he is alerted to the rise of a dangerous monster one of the Tainted Ones half reme. Not uite 3 starsPros the world and story were one of a kind I loved the uniue descriptions of the creaturesCon I found the characters to be flat I didn t love the h and the H was slightly better but was not enough to elevate the couple The h fell flat for me she just went along with the flow forgiving everything and not thinking for herself She could have been great and gotten into lots of trouble within the new world she found herself She also was very trusting considering where she was and I found her a bit uninteresting due to that SpoilersAlso some things were off She makes a point to ask if he has been hugged and held a child then later his son pops up and they hug Then he claims he has held so many babies he has lost count I felt like I was reading about two different characters One who is socially undeveloped and lonely and the other as having a great and loving family It has three stars because it wasn t bad I just felt like it was hard to keep interested when things were conflicting


FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Forest of Spirits (Dark Spirits #2) FREE DOWNLOAD Ò PRIMACLEANSEPLUSUK.CO.UK ↠ S.J. Sanders Never go into the forest alone There are things that dwell within the woods Things that came with the mist even as forests expanded or appeared where none before had been Things that terrorize humanity and worse if rumor was to be accountedpeople disappeared into the woodsHumanity has done its best to limp along after the world went to hell They hunted and tended the fields as they attempted to live the best lives with what they had They wanted to pretend that everything was fine while a. LOVE this writer but this booksuckedI hate leaving a negative review for a writer whose work I adore but I just gotta The hero in this one was such an irredeemable jerk The heroine a doormat The character development here was awful