[Luck of the Witch (Crypt Witch #1)] E–pub ñ K.E. OConnor

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  • Luck of the Witch (Crypt Witch #1)
  • K.E. OConnor
  • English
  • 23 June 2019
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Luck of the Witch (Crypt Witch #1) Read & download » 0 Eck Tempest has her back to the wall Along with her feisty four legged sidekick Wiggles Tempest must solve this murder before Aurora goes to jail for a crime she didn't commit Join Tempest and the fun magically fabulous Crypt family alongside a cast of magic filled beings in this new paranormal cozy witch mystery. So a new series from KE O ConnorLuck of the Witch is the first book of her new Crypt Witch Cozy Mystery Series I really enjoyed reading this book The main characters Tempest Crypt her sister Aurora and the rest of their family and friends and not so friends already seem familiar and well rounded All in all without giving any plot spoilers I reckon that this could be her best series yet So give it a read and get to meet the people of Willow Tree FallsLoved it

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Luck of the Witch (Crypt Witch #1) Read & download » 0 Cky when Tempest's sister Aurora is arrested for the murder of Deacon Feathers a front runner in the local election Tempest must go head to head with Angel Force the bumbling group of angels who keep the peace in order to save her sister With too many suspects too little time and a troublesome demon to keep in ch. Murder and Families can be a burdenTempest Crypt and her whole family sister Mother Grandmother Grandfather Aunt and Uncle keep the demon population down in Willow Tree Falls When Sis gets arrested for murder the family sends Tempest to fix it And fix it she does with going down a checklist of potentials finally figuring it out Dana Pratt

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Luck of the Witch (Crypt Witch #1) Read & download » 0 There's a little good in every bad witch Tempest Crypt lives every day with a problem she can't shake A powerful rude cake obsessed demon called Frank When she's not chasing demons outside of Willow Tree Falls she's running her bar and avoiding eye contact with the hot leader of the local biker gang Life gets tri. I thought this was a fun book I loved the characters I definitely enjoyed Tempest s family Her family has some kick ass women in it Frank is an interesting demon and seems to like to cause trouble Wiggles just doesn t seem like an appropriate name for a hellhound though However it does make me smile