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Read The City We Became ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook IsinEvery city has a soul Some are as ancient as myths and others are as new and destructive as children New York City She's got fiveBut every city also has a dark s. I have hated this city I have loved this city I will fight for this city until it won t have me any This is my homage to the city Hope I got it right NK JemisinI always start a new book by a favorite writer with a bit of trepidation Please be good please stand up to the earlier ones please deliver that satisfaction that you tend to feel after reading something that is solidly strong writing With her Broken Earth books NK Jemisin touched something in my soul that has never been the same since She raised her own bar so dizzyingly high that I was afraid she would not be able to get there againYeah I didn t need to worry Her talent does not disappoint This book is lovely It s objectively good As different from Broken Earth as you can only imagine the setting the mood the narrative voices but the gut punch is the same Obviously this is an ode to New York One of the world s best known cities A country in its own right size and spirit wise Uniue enough to be its own living and breathing entity Which of course is what happens Because cities want to be born and live Manny s been in New York for less than an hour and yet he knows he knows that cities are organic dynamic systems They are built to incorporate newness But some new things become part of a city helping it grow and strengthen while some new things can tear it apart Many cities once they reach a certain point will try to be born Only a few will succeed It is New York s turn and it s avatar has been selected and S o Paulo is there to guide him through this but things go very wrong It s not just the city itself each of its boroughs has its own avatar and at least one of them does not want to be a part of a greater whole And the sinister outside force is The Enemy and it has the plans of its own A city is never alone not really and this city seems less solitary than most More like a family many parts freuently suabbling but in the end against enemies they come together and protect one another They must or die Jemisin s worldbuilding again is ridiculously impressive Her characters are complex nuanced and realized and incredibly human with all the goodbadugly that entails My God why are you attacking us Because I don t know you she snaps and you were standing on my lawn This also is an angry book It s an unapologetic fuck you to the racist sexist homophobic dipshits that are everywhere It s not subtle no but these things don t need to be Because of course people are the worst monsters especially when they tend to think of themselves as nice ones who only try to be decent The alternative is to challenge her own belief that the Woman in White isn t so bad This would force her to uestion her own judgment and biases and find them wanting And given how hard she has fought lately to feel some kind of belief in herself she is not ready to doubt again So it s fine Everything is fine I loved this book Jemisin is definitely an uncompromisingly brilliant voice in the modern science fiction 5 stars Discovering that one s roommate is actively undergoing a break with reality is high on the scale of things one wants to learn before signing the lease Found this since I wrote the review a podcast featuring NK Jemisin discussing among other things racism in science fiction and the horrible legacy of HP Lovecraft whose bigotry racism and antisemitism are truly repulsive Gives of a perspective for this book and its answer to Lovecraft

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Read The City We Became ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Five New Yorkers must come together in order to defend their city in the first book of a stunning new series by Hugo award winning and NYT bestselling author N K Jem. literally amazing

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Read The City We Became ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ide A roiling ancient evil stirs beneath the earth threatening to destroy the city and her five protectors unless they can come together and stop it once and for all. I want you to understand that you re not ready for this book Even if you ve read Jemisin s other work even if you ve read The City Born Great which is the starting place for this book You re not ready for the fun and pop of it the rhythm and beat You re not ready for the wit and weight of it the subversions that are both subtext and said out loud You re not ready for the cleanness and cleverness of the prose the daring of it the way the whole thing functions simultaneously as a superheroes learning their powers origin story and a love song to city living and a gigantic middle finger to HP LovecraftAnd honestly none of it is written for me I m white and rural and southern I don t know jackshit about New York But this is a song so good so bright and bold and brave that anyone can dance to it