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The Revenge of Seven Download ò 9 Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Pittacus Lore review The Revenge of Seven Some reason she's valuable to them alive and they'll stop at nothing to turn herMeanwhile Six Nine and Marina make their way through the Florida Everglades hot on the trail of the traitorous Five With the development of a new Legacy Marina finally has the power to fight back if her thirst for revenge doesn't consume her fir. Holy shit he says Did I just do that SPOILERSRevenge of Seven started exactly where it ended in Fall of Five and the story develops uickly from there without further recaps of what had happened which would ve been boring Even though it d been a while since I ve finished Fall of Five I can still understand it without any problem Ro7 was maintly told by Ella Six and John alternatively Overall Ro7 was a good read and an easy and fast one at that But Revenge of Seven was a bit plain compared to the first four Not much WAS happening There was lesser action which disappointed me though I figured it out that maybe all the action was being saved for the last one in this series The Garde still lacking in planning and organizing skills were still lost just like before but at least now they have new allies unlikely ones I enjoyed Ro7 but I could ve enjoyed it It wasn t that bad but it could ve been better I hope that the final book which remains untitled up to now will come up with a BIGBANG finale I think the last book in this series would be the longest In Ro7 uestions were still left unanswered and mysteries were still left unfolded It would be funny and unbelievable if suddenly the secrets to their success in defeating the Mogs and stopping or winning the war will magically appear in their faces The Mogs are no doubt 10 steps ahead of the Garde with their super technology I wonder why they don t just shoot and destroy Earth instead of finishing off six kids with supernatural abilitiesLorien Legacies is one of those series where reading the novellas is an essential part of the overall reading experience I ve read all the lost files and it d help me understand the characters specially Adam and Five And why they came up with the decision they ve madeIn Ro7 Adam shadowed John and Nine In the past books Four andor Nine were usually the ones in charge in the decisions the group will be making but in Ro7 it was Adam Thanks to his excellent hacking and all that technology skills He was a huge help to the Garde If not for him the Garde would still be in the dark by now It was a huge step for him to eliminate the general which was also predictable and at least it earned him the trust of the GardeElla was taken prisoner well guest by the Beloved Leader It was confirmed that Ella was related to Setrakus Ra and by related we mean they re bonded by blood It explains all the legacies they both have And yes Setrakus Ra was actually the tenth elderfunny cause Ella is considered the tenth member of the Garde he was a Loric and the rest is history Their bond was something that shocked me I think the key to Setrakus fall would be Ella Sarah left the group to go help an anonymous blog called They Walk Among Us It was a good idea to throw her out in the story She would ve just been a liability to Four and to the other members of the Garde Six and Nine weren t really mentioned in Ro7 They were left out As for Seven she was in a broken state in the beginning still grieving over Eight s death They found Eight s body and successfully taken it with Five s help Five I don t really hate him After reading The Hidden Enemy I understood his choices I even connected with him If I was left by a Cepan and told beautiful and hopeful promises I would ve trusted them too I don t know if it was just obvious or it was foreshadowed without me noticing it about the Humans developing legacies It was mentioned that the Lorien needs to be just restored and after what happened in the sanctuary Earth will be Lorien 20 Will Sarah and Mark be developing legacies too But legacies take time to develop and master that s the only problem because the war or the final battle will be happening soon I am still waiting for Pittacus Lore to appear And help to save the day The last book is freaking exciting BEFORE READING PLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIXPLEASE DON T KILL SIX

review The Revenge of SevenThe Revenge of Seven

The Revenge of Seven Download ò 9 Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Pittacus Lore review The Revenge of Seven Sses Most important he knows where to hit them their command base near Washington DC During the assault however John and Adam learn the unimaginable truth it is too late The Mogadorians have commenced their ultimate invasion plansWith a front row seat to the impending invasion Ella finds herself in the hands of the enemy For. YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHYEAHGIVE ME TIME TO PROCESS THE TITLE THE REVENGE OF SEVEN

Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Pittacus Lore

The Revenge of Seven Download ò 9 Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ Pittacus Lore review The Revenge of Seven The Garde have suffered an unbearable loss Number Five has betrayed them Eight is gone forever Ella has been kidnapped The others are now scatteredIn Chicago John makes the unlikeliest of allies Adam a Mogadorian who turned his back on his people He has invaluable information about Mog technology battle strategies and weakne. Hi Um excuse me but I need directions to August 2014 urgently Can you point the way Someone Anyone cricketsOh Nobody to talk to but the brick wall Guess I ll start chalking up my guesses and speculationsTitle Possibilities spoilers based on previous entries here The End of Seven The Fight for Ten The Ghost of EightEdit 1 All wrong as of now The title is The Revenge of Seven and if it means what I think it means I think I will have a new favorite book of 2014 by the time August or September rolls around Marina you officially have my blessing to raise Holy Lethal Icicle Hell on Five for his assclowneryIn the meantime here s a rough representation of what I look like right now courtesy of the ever cool Jeph JacuesCover Art Air theme clouds sky etc Seriously we need an air based cover already Or possibly a plant theme We ve already had sand and metal but this facet of earth has yet to be covered The above is confirmed AwesomePotential Plot Directions Five may never have been in his right mind perhaps he was brainwashed by Setrakus Ra Or worsemaybe he WAS Setrakus Ra Either way may he kneel on a big rock to accept the Holy Lethal Icicle Hell punishment Marina must serve his way even though it s not nearly enough retribution for killing off Eight before he could really grow into his own awesomeness Setrakus Ra was almost certainly the tenth Elder banished for being a bastardwhich explains his Loric characteristics My guess is the real reason why the Mogs are finding it so tough to reproduce now is because Ra tried to procreate with them and the Loric and Mog genes reacted badly together creating the monstrosities we ve come to recognize as Mogs today Another major death will happen My hope Five finally sees the light and sacrifices himself to save the rest of the Garde But probably it ll be someone nicer like Malcolm because after the last book who knows just how cruel LoreMr Frey will be Related to the above Five may well have been Ra s heir all along and if he dies he ll settle on Ella as a backup plan OrElla will be the heir to Pittacus Lore And why not I seriously can t be the only one not seeing the parallels between Ella and Angel Next thing we know Ella too will be hitting the genetic jackpot This of course makes it much urgent that the rest of the Garde get her back immediately And again related to the above three here my brain s pretty much bouncing ideas off itself at this point Ella will be the one who causes whatever major death happens in this book and the sixth book will be the Garde s mission to get her back and fix her Then book seven I m hearing there may well be one now will be the one where they finally defeat Setrakus Ra and return to LorienNow if you ll excuse me I m gonna go hunting for a time machine If I find one I ll invite you to help me try it out In the meantime I need to learn to draw so I can sketch out the budding image of a dark avenging angel version of Marina that s filling my head Damn but how the girl s changed since book 2 I remember when Fear first came out Michael Grant said Astrid haters would love her by the end and was he right Now I hope Marina gets the same treatment tooGod I m just uncontrollably fanboying over Marina for some reason isn t I Stop judging me Stop judging me Just help me find the bloody time machine alreadyEdit 2 And so I ve read it And so it was awesome The Holy Shit uotient was higher than ever One major gripe though the title is actually pretty misleading Marina doesn t get much revenge She doesn t even get a POV for the first time since Book 2 Instead the POV s are given to John Six and EllaBut still this book was horrifyingly amazeballs Things that happened includeview spoiler No major deaths surprisingly I saw a line about Malcolm being mortally wounded but then a couple pages later he s still alive Mr Frey you need to edit that EightLives Well sort of Five starts finally redeeming himself as does Agent Walker Wow Agent Walker She s so funny now My old Fix ship is deader than ever because it s very very very strongly implied that Sam and Six did the do off screen Now while I m sad that Four only has eyes for Sarah now I accept that the Fix situation that was set up in Book 2 while it was heavy on potential I was only rooting for it just to prove Henri s theory about one love forever wrong I am however very surprised that Sam was the first one to lose his virginity if what was so strongly suggested actually happened Agent Walker s delightfully snarky comments only hammered it home further Maybe cause he was the nerd of the group But then again John is a total boy scout and Nine awesome though he may be has a horrible track record with girls so They re not gonna revive Lorien on Lorien but on Earth And it all starts with the spread of Legacies to humans The very end when Sam gets telekinesis holy shit indeed dude Excrementum sanctum in the words of Austin Szerba And meanwhile the apocalypse has begun And it all starts with Setrakus Ra who is in fact Ella s ancestor pretty much getting all the government higher ups to do Mog plastic surgery that leaves them all disgusting and decayed unless they keep getting the treatment I think it s official Setrakus Ra is proof positive that ordinary mortals aren t meant to be godsNot yet anyway And I really hope Sarah s okay She spent most of the book away from the action but I bet she ll be back for the next one hide spoiler