Ancient Enemy (E–pub READ) · Christopher Rowley

  • Paperback
  • 448
  • Ancient Enemy
  • Christopher Rowley
  • English
  • 21 October 2020
  • 9780451457721

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Ancient Enemy characters Õ 107 A race of scholars Among them he learned the history of his race and of how Man the Cruel des. While pretty heavy on the moralistic views there is still room for a rollicking adventure which unfortunately turns to war It s not that I disagree with the morals at all just that some might find it pretty heavy going if you are only reading to escape

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Ancient Enemy characters Õ 107 Young watermot Thru Gillo left behind the life of a farmer and became a student of the Assenzi. This is the first book of Arna by Christopher Rowley I have read most if not all of Mr Rowley s science fiction but this is the first fantasy book I have read by him I am glad I decided to read it In this one Mankind is thought to have disappeared thousands of years before He has left behind several races of intelligent species which he had modified to use as slaves and domestic help These races are the Mots the Mors The Brilbies the Chooks and the wise and very long lived Assenzi These races haven t forgotten Mankind They remember him as Man The Cruel and use mankind as the source of bedtime stories to tell to misbehaving children Mankind however is not gone and his ships appear suddenly and attack the peaceful races he had left behind The Mots and the other races must learn to fight and soon if they are to survive and remain free Thru Gillo a Mot and his lover and her friends organize a resistance and with the help of a human woman they fight back This book is a very good read and I recommend it

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Ancient Enemy characters Õ 107 Troyed the world before disappearing into the mists of time and legendOr have they disappeared. I was engrosed but also kept thinking of the similarities of the planet of the apse Sorry if this upsets any fans Still I had to read the next two in the series and once you knew the charactors they really are great easy reads