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  • 10 June 2018
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review Theory of People Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Jakub Lasak Jakub Lasak ´ 0 review Lains people on 2 pages 70 pages are real life applications You would need to read tens of other books to get the same solutions• Easy to Apply in Life You do not need a scientific background or have to work hard to understand complicated subjects It presents knowledge in a simple way• Money Back Guarantee If you are unsatisfied you can apply for a refund via within seven days of purchase No uestions askedIf you want to understand yourself and other people and apply that knowledge to real life buy the Theory of People no. This book is a bizarre mess Its core theory vague as it is has little to no actual application The methodology of ideal states is just a gimmick pretending to be meaningful than it is The author himself claims that using numbers would only complicate things while referring to the actual measurement of these states 34 of the book consists of trying really hard to apply the framework to real life which is comical My favorite bit is the claim about languages uote Language is just a solution that solves the problem of not being able to communicate with others It s not only bad It s harmful The author poses himself as a researcher while publishing anti scientific nonsense

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review Theory of People Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Jakub Lasak Jakub Lasak ´ 0 review Ness and 15 other ones• Create a successful business by understanding what the perfect solution looks like and what makes people buy• Become a visionary just like Steve Jobs by learning his motives• Learn faster and improve your memory by discovering how our minds decide what information to save• Increase your intelligence creativity and wisdom by learning what they are• Understand what makes one country or person wealthier than other thanks to the golden law of economyA Uniue Book• uick Read Theory of People exp. Theory of people A tad too cramped and generalized but auspicious start for a young beginning author The simpler approach to human psychology that Lasak offers in this booklet turned out to be a great awareness enhancer The real life experiments are a great addition to the story just as the summary A few flaws but nothing that can t be fixed in the next release Would recommend

Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Jakub Lasak

review Theory of People Free read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Jakub Lasak Jakub Lasak ´ 0 review The Last Business or Self Help Book You'll Ever Need or a Full Refund Even After Reading the Whole BookEinstein’s Theory of Relativity allows us to understand the universe on a macro scale and the relationships between space time and gravity The Theory of People allows us to understand people’s psychology and the relationships between aspects such as behaviors feelings business and learning• Control your behaviors such as anger laziness and 20 other ones• Manage your feelings to become happier and overcome stress shy. I agree 100% with this book It criticizes the approach of scientists that consists of creating 1000s of theories that have no application in real life Jakub in this book provided a simple theory that can be applied in various real life situations Highly recommended