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  • Paperback
  • 420
  • Bogeyman
  • Gayle Wilson
  • English
  • 28 August 2020
  • 9780778323617

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SUMMARY ô Bogeyman Aughter A psychologist explains that Maddie's dreams are simply the result of her father's death but Blythe knows something else is wrong Because she's also heard the ghostly tapping at her daughter's windowConvinced the house is haunted Blythe researches the town's history and discovers that a little girl had been brutally murdere. Widowed Blythe Wyndham has returned to her hometown with her young daughter Strange things are happening and Blythe starts investigating and learns that a little girl was murdered there many years before One of those romantic thrillersuspense books that really pulled me into the story and kept me to the end

SUMMARY BogeymanBogeyman

SUMMARY ô Bogeyman D in the area twenty five years ago Could there be some connection between this dead child and Maddie With the help of Sheriff Cade Jackson Blythe tries to separate past horrors from present dangers and struggles to distinguish the real from the imagined But someone is clearly determined to keep a secret and will kill again to do s. While usually I keep away from this type of book I found the beginning really sucked me in I really liked the style of writing like a cozy fireplace mystery an oldie I got it at a 50 cents book fair so I figured it couldn t hurt to add it to my pile and I m glad I didMostly a murder mystery with a supernatural twist and a hint of romance I thoroughly enjoyed Bogeyman My only big criticism is the title because it suggested that there would be horror and creepystuff than there really was I never met the Bogeyman that I was expecting and I found the actual murderer slightly predictable especially with all the hintsI wasn t really scared although I was spooked and entertainedFor mature readers 12

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SUMMARY ô Bogeyman A year after the death of her husband Blythe Wyndham moves with her four year old daughter Maddie back to the small town where she grew up But soon after they move in to their new home strange things begin to happen Maddie has disturbingly intense nightmares so intense that Blythe fears one night she may not be able to awaken her d. Widowed single mother Blythe moves back to the small town where she was raised Crenshaw Alabama with her four year old daughter Maddie Soon after Maddie starts having night terrors and Blythe begins to think that Maddie is being haunted by the ghost of a young girl who was murdered in this town twenty five years ago whose murder still remains unsolved and whose murderer may still be living in this very townThis was a really entertaining romantic suspense story with some very atmospheric and spooky suspense The romance was barely there in this one but that didn t bother me at all since the suspense part was interesting to me I also liked the paranormal element with the possibility of a ghostly presence trying to get some justice