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  • Gates of Steel
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  • 21 March 2020
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Gates of Steel Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found hereHelen Stewart was disenchanted with the whole idea of love and romance. 3 12 Stars When Helen s six month old son died she had hoped that her marriage could be rebuilt but it seemed her husband no longer wanted her Then his body had been discovered after a car accident and with him was a young woman from his office they d been having an affair for over a year Faced with all these losses and the betrayal Helen had become ill and just as she was recovering a friend had told her about two children that needed a temporary guardian on a boat journey from England to Cyprus Helen had a dear friend living in Cyprus with her husband and so she accepted responsibility of the boy and girl for the trip and thought to stay for a few weeks vacation The children boy of 7 and girl of 5 uickly earned Helen s affection and she worried about leaving them with their uncle whom she understood hated women and had barely tolerated children And when she met Leon she felt his cold abruptness and worried Arriving at her friend Trudy s the neighbour tells her that her friend and husband are away in Egypt for two months Dismayed Helen asks Leon to take her to the airport so she can return to England but the children appeal to Leon and he insists that she stay for her vacation at his home Also staying in his home are an aunt and uncle while their home is being worked on and Leon s young sister who works in the nearby city until her marriage in a few months When all the house guests leave Leon acknowledges that the children adore Helen and she them so he suggest that they marry for the sake of the children and he promises that on his part he shall make no demands on her Helen had never desired to remarry again in fact she dressed drably on purpose to hide herself from male attention but Leon s proposal and promise appealed to her Two months into their married life they d established a pattern of Leon off to work home for dinner and off again for the evening Helen assumed he had a mistress and this did not bother her But when Leon makes hints about her attire and suggests she buy herself some pretty clothes she realizes that her husband has begun to notice herThis is an angsty vintage Harleuin that one needs to remember was written in the 70 s where in traditional countries such as Greece the husband was the law Leon is portrayed as a traditional Greek who frowns at even an innocent association his wife might have with another man Helen s first marriage has her afraid to love again and she actively makes her appearance unappealing She s shocked when Leon breaks her promise and demands the right of a husband Of course as a reader it s obvious Leon has begun to love Helen but she s sure he only wants her because she s convenient There are the usual misunderstandings and tears and tantrums and then a rather uick resolution that was a bit of a let down I wanted passion for the HEA but alas this was not to beMs Hampson was great friends with Alan Boon and over lunch in London he d asked her advice for the title for a new book series and thus Harleuin Presents was named The Gates of Steel was the launch for this immensely popular series that is now after 50 years published and sold in over 100 countries

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Gates of Steel Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Niece and nephew she agreed feeling that emotion would not enter into the situation at all And that could prove to be a dangerous assumpti. Full of boring word fillers Too long for no reasonh is not loveable at all I don t know what man would love a woman as idiot as the h

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Gates of Steel Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free While Leon Petrou it was said had no time for women so when he suggested that she should marry him to provide a background for his small. I must say that this book was well written and I certainly got to know the characters Their insecurities Being a marriage of convenience I wasn t too surprised that Leon and Helen had a hard time communicating and both jump to conclusions The book had so much needed as it ended so abruptly and unsatisfactorily which is why I rated it as I have A bit better ending and I would have felt good about rating it a five meetgre Chat en Peluche Balle Jouet Mignon Jouet Balles Coloréés pour Animaux De Compagnie pour Chat Chien Jouant Utiliser: Amazon.fr: Cuisine & Maison ending and I would have felt good about rating it a five