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Bent Over Screaming Slave to the Desk Book 1 Read & Download ô 104 From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call Hostile Hearts Earthbound Angels The January Morrison Files Eve Snow Psychic PI Ralph's Gift Friend Zone Sex Demons A Halloween Awakening In the Blood Shadow Stalkers Ms Bookworm and Mr Sex Symbol Beautiful Magick Eternally Soul Mates Come With Me The Billionaire Series One Wrong Step The Cold Brush Stroke and other exciting titles And now here's A Slave to the Desk EMILY LOVES WORKING HARD AFTER HOURS AND COUNTING AND SHE’S STILL AT HER DESK Emily works in a law firm surrounded by men and their egos But among these men she really liked sweet handsome Adam She finds Adam so cute and so sweet he makes her want to do things to him even if he is too shy and naive to initiate Then one late afternoon after all their co workers have left and they are alone working an accident happens that gives way for someone to s. This took a wrong turnI am giving this book a 25 star rating The reason for this high of a rating is because of the beginning storyline between Emily and Adam Emily is an intelligent woman working at a law firm as efficiency specialist There wasn t a name given to her job and I thought that sounded good Adam is one of her co workers Emily can tell he likes her but he is such a gentleman that he doesn t know how to ask he out He compliments her on coffee remembers small things that she likes and gets her gifts Emily likes how naive he is and how cute also One day something happens after hours at work between Emily and Adam to where it opens up a door for both of them to show how they feel However it was filmed on the security camera and later watched by one of the firm s partners That partner blackmails her into being sexual with himI thought this would have been a good story of Emily defiling Adam You later read in the story that Emily was a domme before she came to the firm I thought she was going to open up a window to Adam s sexual side But this plot took a whole other twist and Emily just ended up looking like a slut This was something I didn t expect towards the end I also read the excerpt from the next installment and I would not recommend this story or the next It could have been better in my eyes but I will let readers come to their own conclusion

Summary Bent Over Screaming Slave to the Desk Book 1Bent Over Screaming Slave to the Desk Book 1

Bent Over Screaming Slave to the Desk Book 1 Read & Download ô 104 Or anything”“Adam” Emily's voice was a hiss over her shoulder at him “Get the fuck out of my cubicle and go to work We'll talk later I promise”Emily heard a shuffling noise that trailed steadily to the general vicinity of Adam's desk and couldn't help but let out a sigh of reliefIt was going to be hard enough dealing with Brad a partner not to mention smoothing things over with a co worker who was too nice or naïve to know that she had wanted it just as much as he had so there was nothing to talk aboutEmily glanced over her shoulder just to be sure Adam had really left and when she glanced back at her computer she had another emailThe new email was from Brad again and this had a one word subject heading that said it all NOW Next Book in the Series A Slave to the Desk 2 Blackmailed by the Boss Download and discover why readers rave about Lily Green Scroll up and get the book n. HOT readHOT readvery good enjoyed the plot an wish there was to the book I don t like to be left hanging very much wanted to see where it went an a both stories ended upIf there are to them or More books come out that concludes these stories contact me

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Bent Over Screaming Slave to the Desk Book 1 Read & Download ô 104 Tart something Unfortunately the lucky event is caught by a security camera And the next day the feedback watched by one of the bosses brings Emily troubleShe gets a chance to get laid sureJust by the wrong guy If you wish to read download now This series contains GRAPHIC sexual content that readers may find objectionable including explicit language violence and erotic themes EXCERPT “Hey Emily when you get a chance could we talk about what happened yesterday somewhere private” Adam's said from her cubicle entrance “I just want you to know that I really respect you and I ”Emily cut him off “Just don't be weird okay” Emily said “Everything is fine and I know you respect me Just go to work and we'll talk later”“Well all right” Adam said as if deep in thought “As long as you are sure that you know that I really do respect you and don't think you are some kind of slut. Cliff HangerThis book was going good until I saw it was a Cliff Hanger It s my biggest pet peeve Let the reader know that to finish one story the reader needs to buy books I never would have started this book if I knew It totally takes away any and everything from what could have been a good story