(KINDLE) The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne by Madeline Hunter

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  • The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne
  • Madeline Hunter
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  • 11 August 2020
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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne Download É 0 E férrea de Emma cuja frontalidade é simultaneamente exasperante e sensual Darius decide tentar então uma nova abordagem ue não só fará com ue ela se renda a ele mas proporcionará imenso prazer a ambosDepois da série As Flores Mais Raras Madeline Hunter volta a encantar nos com a saga da família Fairbourne. I should have been warned off by the word Surrender in the titleIt s good that you re warned because it then feels like that word or an euivalent synonym is included in every description of her interaction with or feelings towards the hero Ugh what a pathetic weak woman when it came to her man I understand that s how women were raised in that time but it wasn t that she was weak willed or spineless She s described as sharp tongued she s determined to shown to be able to run a business I should ve liked her Instead I rather despised her by the end Everything was about her SubmissionSurrendergiving in to himher feelings etc I refuse to go back to the book to find specific uotes but descriptions of the hero were about his being Frighteningly masculine frighteningly being frightened is not a good thing On and on about how masculine he was Hehis kisses Overwhelm her blah blah blah Even the sex scenes where described as him doing things to a rather passive recipient I m not saying she needed to be an experienced active lover it was the descriptions that just reinforced my perception of her as a passive objectThe hero also annoyed me He spends the book trying to boss her around gets annoyed when she didn t listen Then KIDNAPS her in order to get his way Which of course she forgives almost immediately because you know he was right to take away her agencydecision in this matter because he s such a MANLY MAN who makes her lose her brain when he s around puke I did not feel like there was any character development or getting to know each other there was just Insta lust which was labelled as love I felt that she merely gave in to him became dependent mostly due to lust his bossinessarrogance And would a previously rather sheltered Regency woman describe her feelings at seeing him as arousal or muse about erotic days I felt like the author misused the word erotic in that scene The heroine describes a two day period as erotic days I feel like you would label most of the activities you engaged in during those days erotic not the days themselves but now I m just nitpicking

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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne Download É 0 Urne’sSó ue o patriarca Maurice Fairbourne tinha um sócio desconhecido Darius o Conde de Southwaite Darius é um homem habituado a ter o ue uer e sem o menor interesse em gerir uma leiloeira muito menos uma desconfia ele envolta em escândalos ue poderiam arruinar a sua reputação Não contava era com a vontad. Have you ever met someone listened to him introduce himself and talk for a while and then suddenly sadly realize you ve not registered a word he s said I had the literary version of that experience with Ms Hunter s The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne I read the novel twice and both times as soon as I d finished it was hard pressed to remember anything significant about it When I think how I d define this novel the word that comes to mind is blandThe heroine of this book is unsurprisingly a Miss Fairbourne first name Emma The Fairbourne family owns a famous and successful auction house in London which until his recent death was run by Emma s father Emma despite the expectations of society wishes to keep the auction house open Emma has a brother Robert whom everyone but Emma believes is lost at sea and now dead Emma is sure Robert is alive and is adamant the auction house be kept running until Robert returns to take its reinsThe auction house however is no longer owned solely by the Fairbourne family Three years ago unbeknownst to Emma her father sold a half share to Darius Alfreton the Earl of Southwaite Darius is determined Emma will sell the auction house Not only does he think a woman couldn t possibly run such a business this is after all 1798 he believes that her father was engaged in shady business practices involving smugglers and he does not want his name to be associated with anything that would besmirch his reputationEmma wants to keep the auction house Darius wants her to sell it Emma tries several different tactics to delay Darius from taking any action that would gainsay her wishes As Darius battles with Emma for control he realizes he s exceedingly attracted to her and decides that rather than trying to control her through argument he d be successful and vastly pleasured if he used seduction to get his way Emma who has had very little experience with men finds Darius difficult to resist and soon their relationship is about both the fate of the auction house and whether or not the two will become loversMs Hunter is a very good technical writer and she invests this book with historical authenticity She effortlessly explicates the conflict between England and France and showcases the role smuggling played during this era The class distinctions between Darius an earl and Emma a woman from a family in trade are portrayed credibly Ms Hunter has her doctorate in art history and her book is filled with details about art the auction world and the artists of the time It s all very accurate and not very interestingThis is a partial review Go to All About Romance likesbookscom to read the full review

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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne Download É 0 Um negócio gerido por uma mulher Em 1798 Parece impossível Mas é esse mesmo o plano de Emma Fairbourne após a morte do pai Apesar de saber ue se trata de uma jogada arriscada ela está disposta até a contratar um belo e encantador homem para servir de disfarce tudo para manter vivo o legado da leiloeira Fairbo. My enjoyment of this novel is pretty much all about falling for Darius early and wanting him to be happy I wanted to attach to Emma as well but she kept doing things that frustrated me Not that they didn t make sense or weren t in character so much as I just wish she had been someone else Which shouldn t have worked for a romance because you generally want the guy to have a girl you like but Hunter actually made it work at least for meAnd I have to admit that I did sympathize with Emma s struggles to hold things together despite the disadvantages of her gender Yeah those disadvantages are socially constructed but she faces them nonetheless and her efforts to work around them seemed both genuine and courageous even if doomed to eventual failure there s only so long you can maintain a front man on an operation that has so much public contact as you do in an auction house The death of her father has left her with a business that no longer has an obvious leader Yeah she can do all the work as she was trained by her father and it was work she truly loves but society is what it is and pretending her minions are running the show will only stretch so farAnyway those things were sympathetic Less so were her continual evasions of Darius Emma s father used funds from Darius to expand his business in exchange for a half interest So Darius is a legitimate owner and yet Emma treats him with contempt and deception at every turn pretty much right from the start Yeah he wants to sell the business and he s imperious and all but he s still only part owner and she truly has him over a barrel in the sense that he doesn t want exposure as having his hands in trade and thus can t actually force her hand in any legal or potent way She d have been much better off treating him with enough respect to simply oppose him outright and then give them a basis for working out what it is going to mean from there Frankly not much of the plot would have changed as a result Except for the stupid sneaking around she resorts to because well reasons She is otherwise uite courageous and strong so being so weak in this one case bugged meThis comes to a head for me when near the end she decides to view spoilergive in to the blackmail over her brother s captivity to commit treason I m sorry but colluding with a French spy network during the Napoleonic Wars was so many levels of wrong I just lost all sympathy with her There are some lines you don t cross and aiding a tyrannical despot is top of that list This is undoubtedly a part of my paladin core but death before dishonor while in the main rather silly has a place when it comes to the well being of millions not least when that includes the potential fall of your very own country Not to mention that the risk of discovery was easily in the neighborhood of fifty fifty the absolute certain conseuence of which is death by hanging So it s not only stupidly sentimental it s also foolhardy on a level that comes dangerously close to too stupid to live hide spoiler