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  • Tell No One
  • Barbara Taylor Sissel
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  • 02 April 2020
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Free read Tell No One Barbara Taylor Sissel Ô 7 Download Download Tell No One 107 Roubles drops everything to look for himHarris Fenton found the father figure he’d dreamed of when he turned eight and his mother married Hoff but his disappearance four years later left Harris with scars he carries even now that he is a father himself While he has a beautiful family and a great job he’s hiding a shameful secret and a nightm. Caroline Corbett s Aunt Lanie was dying and when she begged Caroline to find her brother Caroline s father Hoff Caroline was determined to do it It had been thirty years since she d seen her father He d left her mother and her married another woman who had a young son and Caroline s bitterness and jealousy had kept her from trying to find him As well as her heartache over her aunt Caroline s marriage was in tattersHarris Fenton was head coach of the baseball team as well as athletic director at Wyatt High School He had a beautiful wife and two sons he adored But he was a mess His life was spiraling out of control and he wasn t strong enough to do anything about it He couldn t let go of the past couldn t deal with his ongoing problemsAs Caroline searched she uncovered events from the long ago past which horrified her She couldn t believe it had really happened but she soon found there were people who didn t want her to continue Her life could well be in danger Tell No One by Barbara Taylor Sissel is a contemporary drama novel with emphasis on drama The two key players Caroline and Harris both had messy lives although I liked them both There was a lot of American sport football and baseball and I ended up skimming over those sections I ve previously read two by this author Faultlines and Evidence of Life I gave both 5 stars but Tell No One had too much going on but the ending was excellent and I can now happily recommend itWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review

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Free read Tell No One Barbara Taylor Sissel Ô 7 Download Download Tell No One 107 Are from his childhoodCaroline’s search for Hoff soon uncovers a host of disturbing clues and draws a threat of violence Her mind churns with memories of her troubled history while Harris is losing the battle against his own demons But for both of them dredging up the past will be dangerous and confronting the truth could prove life shattering. That Ending ThoughAuthor Barbara Taylor Sissel keeps the tension taut from start to finish Shying away from stereotypes and tired clich s she builds both Caroline and Harris into three dimensional characters Readers may not always like them or the way they act but they ll sympathize enough with them to want to cheer them onWith enough red herrings to satisfy most mystery lovers the author keeps the answer to the central uestion what happened to Hoff and where is he just out of reach until the right moment The conclusion that follows keeps in pace with the rest of the story Ms Sissel doesn t linger over long resolutions She s in and out in neat fashion and readers will finish this fast paced novel wishing for Emphasizing the idea that all the information at hand may not necessarily constitute the entire story readers are in for a wild ride Once you start reading you won t want to stop which is why I recommend you make time to binge Tell No One Thank you NetGalley Lake Union Publishing and Barbara Taylor Sissel for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review all opinions are my own TellNoOne NetGalleyAll my reviews can be found on my blog

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Free read Tell No One Barbara Taylor Sissel Ô 7 Download Download Tell No One 107 Their desperate secret Her desperate search A shattering truth exposedCaroline Corbett wants nothing to do with her father Hoff a man who abandoned her as a young girl and then vanished from her life almost thirty years ago But when her beloved aunt expresses a dying wish to see him once Caroline despite her failing marriage and other personal t. I think I would have liked this one if it just would have picked a lane and stayed in it Some of the personal issues of the main characters bogged down the story I basically didn t care for anything that wasn t directly related to the disappearance of Caroline s father Caroline Corbett hasn t seen her father since he vanished from her life and the town he lived in decades ago After her dying aunt begs Caroline to go find him she attempts to search for him but it soon becomes apparent that some people aren t too happy she s around and asking uestions Digging up the truth might prove costlyI m pretty much always game for any mystery involving a missing person and that is the main reason I kept reading this one The story alternates between two different characters For much of the book I only really felt invested in Caroline s part and not Harris storyline but that changed towards the end after I had had enough of Caroline and her marriage and love life woes I wasn t all that impressed with Harris and his messy life either but at least it tied in better with the rest of the story The author scored some points with having a pretty decent ending I m not saying it was entirely satisfying but it wasn t one that I was expecting so that helped redeem the book a little bit in my eyes Overall this is an okay read nothing nothing lessThank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review