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  • Love Only Once
  • Johanna Lindsey
  • Portuguese
  • 04 February 2020
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Love Only Once Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Regina Ashton já recusou tantos pretendentes à sua mão ue a alta sociedade londrina a considera uma snobe sem coração Não podiam estar mais enganados Órfã desde cedo Regina é a sobrinha superprotegida de Lord Edward e Lady Charlotte Malory a uem é muito difícil agradar Aos olhos dos tios nenhum dos jovens candidatos é suficientemente bom Cansada de tão infrutífera busca a jovem sai de casa numa. The story of a pwecious darling orphaned Pooky Honey Boo Boo Starshine who is the apple of her series bait uncles eyes and the pussy rake Nicholas Eden who is all wah wah about being a bastardGeneral idiocy ensuesThe heroine s name is Regina but I got slammed with Reggie the entire book Shoot meWhen I see Reggie my mind immediately goes to Upper Class Twit not Smokey Siren of SeductionShe really was sumthin speshul and her relationship with her uncles was such that had the author been Lora Leigh things would have turned into a Very Special Regency episode of Marly s ChoiceTHEY REALLY LOVE THEIR LITTLE NIECEOK so Marly s uncles weren t really but you get my point Reggie was so unconventional that I m sure butt plugs would have been welcomed with a grin and a shrug and a Why not After all she climbed up a tree once to escape a wild boar She s a jaded adventuress and nothing can spook herThe Malory uncles Other reviews say they re totes awsum but I thought they sucked OMG they would not shut up or stop shoving their charisma and horseplay and handsomeness and bickering and unconventionality down my throat It didn t help that there were about a million characters in this book they all just happened to be connected in some way and I was apparently supposed to care I blame the patented Lindsey big font on some of these Avons It makes me think I m supposed to be visually or mentally impaired and I get crankyYeah I put on my DERP face when I started reading it because I knew it was the only way it wouldn t hurt like a chili pepper enema And it lasted about 30% so I want a cookie for at least trying Double Chocolate Chip please ThanksAt first glance of the next few books continuity might be a bit rocky Apparently it s not Nicholas who almost got James Arrrgh I m a Pirate Malory nearly hanged but someone else or so says the description for Gentle Rogue Or maybe JL just makes crap up as she thinks of it I m thinking that might be the caseWhy do I keep reading her backlist Yes I ll read TONY S and EDWARD S and JAMES S and JASON S crap installments too Maybe Oh who am I kiddingI blame you Bob and Elaine Your artwork makes me want to read whatever crap is under that sparkly cover

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Love Only Once Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tente raptando a ao abrigo da noite Não contava enganar se na pessoa e arruinar a reputação de uma menina de família Mas agora movido pelo desejo mais desenfreado ue alguma vez sentiu é a custo ue reconhece ue nunca poderá casar com Regina apesar do escândalo ue paira sobre elesImplacável é o destino ue os uniu a afastá los irremediavelmente ainda ue ambos saibam ue um amor assim só se vive uma vez. Wow was this a let down So many friends liked this and I am struggling to figure out how Nick is a dead loss from start to finish And I kind of hated how often Reg just gives in to him because he s hotAnd his reasons I don t care how view spoilerforced your hand was in marrying dumping your wife at the door of your home and then leaving the country is monstrous That s a hateful childish move and guarantees that your marriage will be filled with strife and disdain hide spoiler

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Love Only Once Read & Download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Noite escura decidida a informá los de ue não pensa casar nunca Mas o seu plano coloca a no sítio errado à hora errada e é raptada por engano A sua ira perante a arrogância do raptor Nicholas Eden vai inesperadamente dar lugar a sentimentos contraditórios de paixão e vergonha Auela noite não mais lhe sairá da cabeçaO Visconde Nicholas Eden também tinha um plano dar uma lição à sua amante descon. Written July 19 20153 Stars Charming oldish and undoubtedly entertaining sweet Love Only Once is a uite old 1985 both loved and disliked historical I couldn t resist when I saw it was just a few bucks for the kindle book including the 750 hrs audiobook narrated by Laural Merlington We ll see if it is a dreadful miss or a happy winner for me LOL I m not sure was it a missRidiculously fun I m almost ashamed but I actually smiled and giggled in nearly eight hours This despite all these silly twists too cheesy emotional statements a grumpy hopeless hero and so many amazingly incredible events Either way Love Only Once is a heart warming sweet very predictable but nevertheless really amusing HR Who can resist a brave young heroine like this one Not to mention her family and lovely unclesSummary Two stars for an outdated but amusing oldish HR and an added extra shining star for a well done and very fitting narration by Laural Merlington London England 1817 Regina Ashton is outraged over her abduction by the arrogant devilishly handsome Nicholas Eden Viscount of Montieth and is determined to make the rogue pay with his heart It had been said of Nicholas that he didn t particularly care who got hurt while he pursued his pleasures Perhaps that was true perhaps not No one really knew Nicholas well enough to be sure Even he wasn t sure why he did some of the things he did You might guess the rest As I mentioned in an status update it made me think of those lovely old Errol Flynn movies Imagine hunk looking heroes pirates heartbreaking scenes brave beautiful heroines stolen kisses man fighting deceitful evil female rivals sizzling hot secret encounters and thousands of unnecessary misunderstandings But as it shall in a true historical it all ended grand and wonderful The good ones won their wanted HEA and the bad guys fled with a tail between their legsI LIKE so many kind of romancesAnd all these lovely old HR covers