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  • 10 July 2020
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Read & Download ï Continental Divide Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In Texas; and habitat and migration corridors for some of both nations’ most imperiled speciesIn documenting the changes to the ecosystems and human communities along the border while the wall was being built Schlyer realized that the impacts of immigration policy on wildlife on landowners and on border towns were not fully understood by either policy makers or the general public The wall not only has disrupted the ancestral routes of wildlife; it has also rerouted human traffic through the most pristine and sensitive of wildlands causing additional destruction conflict and death without solving the original problem  . I gained a better understanding of the border land problemsthat concern all aspects of the land its peoples wildlife andplant life These established borders are man made notnature made The photographs allow the reader to visualizesome of the problems like the roadside shrines paupergraveyards animals trying to cross the fences Some of the photos allow us to see animals in their natural habitThe benefit of cohabitation was shown in the photo of the burrowing owl with the prairie dog Excellent explanations of the Border land problems Covers allaspects and with photos

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Read & Download ï Continental Divide Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The topic of the border wall between the United States and Mexico continues to be broadly and hotly debated on national news media by local and state governments and even in coffee shops and over the dinner table By now broad segments of the population have heard widely varying opinions about the wall’s effect on illegal immigration international politics and the drug warBut what about the wall’s effect on the Sonoran pronghorn antelope herds and the kit fox On the Mexican gray wolf the ocelot the jaguar and the bighorn sheep In unforgettable images and evocative text Continental Divide Wildlife People and the Border. In Continental Divide photojournalist Krista Schlyer illustrates the situation at the USMexico border through both words and photographs The first few chapters contain vivid prose and breathtaking photography depicting the natural landscape of the region The book goes on to describe the groups of people who have inhabited the area and ends with a discussion of US border policy I absolutely loved the first few chapters of the book Schlyer describes the natural world with such reverence and awe that it left me longing to visit the region Desert life had evolved brilliantly to persist through long periods of drought and then make the most of the brief periods of rainfall I loved reading about the saguaro cactus creosote and desert wildflowers The photographs of the wildlife and geologic features add immensely to the words on the page Of course it isn t all scenic landscapes and beautifu

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Read & Download ï Continental Divide Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wall helps readers understand all that is at stakeAs Krista Schlyer explains  the remoteness of this region from most US citizens’ lives coupled with the news media’s focus on illegal immigration and drug violence has left many with an incomplete picture As she reminds us this largely isolated natural area stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico hosts a number of rare ecosystems Arizona’s last free flowing river the San Pedro; the grasslands of New Mexico some of the last undeveloped prairies on the continent; the single most diverse birding area in the US located along the lower Rio Grande River. Here s a portion of my review for The Peorian magazine You can read the whole thing hereWhen you hear someone referred to as a photojournalist the emphasis is usually on the first two syllables of that somewhat Frankensteined word But Krista Schlyer shows in her latest book Continental Divide Wildlife People and the Border Wall that she is as adept with a camera as she is with the written wordThe topic of the border wall between Mexico and the US is one of the most ugly and sad political issues of our time But the true impact has been lost in the bumper sticker banter of the 24 hour news networksThe goal of the border wall was to stop the flow of illegal Mexican laborers which it has failed to do jobs trump barriers But in something of a cruel twist it has stopped the flow of entirely different creatures like the Sonoran pronghorn antelope herds that have been freely traveli