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Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Summary ↠ 104 Lot to kill Florentyna Kane the first woman President of the United States the 1572nd such threat of that year At 830 five people know all the details By 930 four of them are deadFBI agent Mark Andrews alone knows when He also knows that a senator is involved He has six days to learn where and how Six days to prevent the certain death of the Preside. The conned an Oxford don a revered society physician a chic French art dealer and a charming English lord They have one thing in common Overnight each novice investor lost his life s fortune to one man The con Harvey MetcalfeA brilliant self made guru of deceit A very dangerous individual And now a hunted manWith nothing left to lose four strangers are about to come together each expert in their own field Their plan find Harvey shadow him trap him and penny for penny destroy him From the luxurious casinos of Monte Carlo to the high stakes windows at Ascot to the bustling streets of Wall Street to fashionable London galleries their own ingenious game has begun It s called revenge and they were taught by a master

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Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Summary ↠ 104 D themselves penniless But this time Harvey has swindled the wrong men They band together and shadow him from the casinos of Monte Carlo to the high stakes windows at Ascot and the hallowed lawns of Oxford Their plan is simple to sting the crook for exactly what they lost To the pennySHALL WE TELL THE PRESIDENTAt 730 one evening the FBI learn of a p. I come by my love of mysteries and thrillers naturally as both my mother and grandmother are addicts of such books This book was among their highly recommended reads I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around a few years ago and it was just as much fun this timeThe story features a Bernie Madoff type villain named Harvey Metcalfe who despite all his previously ill gotten millions takes the opportunity to con a few naive investors in a stock market scam Among his latest victims is an American math genius teaching at Oxford Realizing he s been had he recruits three other victims a handsome doctor a French gallery owner and a playboy lord of the realm to steal back what Harvey took from them not a penny not a penny lessThe cons of the con man are exciting clever and delightfully poetic Since the book was originally published in 1976 there are no cell phones or computer hacking or electronic spying Instead expect walkie talkies disguises and tailing The action is exciting while comic along the lines of Ocean s 11 There s no violence but there is some romance though it too is a product of its timeAll in all a good fun read

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Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less Summary ↠ 104 ARCHERS 'FIRST TWO WORLDWIDE BESTSELLERS NOW IN ONE VOLUMENOT A PENNY MORE NOT A PENNY LESSOne million dollars that's what Harvey Metcalfe lifelong king of shady deals has pulled off with empty promises of an oil bonanza and instant riches Overnight four men the heir to an earldom a Harley Street doctor a Bond Street art dealer and an Oxford don fin. This is Jeffrey Archer s first book And what a great book it is I have read it during my teenage years and decided to re read again The ultimate revenge novel When four men lose their life savings to a wealthy Boston swindler in a stock market scam how will they get their money back That s the plot of this highly entertaining novel that can best be summed up as don t get mad get even Their goal is to recoup exactly the 1 million they collectively lost hence the title of the book With revenge that can be described as playful rather than mean spirited the book has a light hearted tone that will leave readers upbeatThe story is so descriptive informative greatly entertaining and hilarious at times It covers the whole spectrum of no integrity but how strangers can become friend if fighting for the same cause I particularly liked the scene during the wedding at the end of the book it was highly intense and super hilariousHave you ever wanted to get even I mean really even Then you should read this novel