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Songs of Love and Death Summary ¶ 8 Read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î George R.R. Martin review Songs of Love and Death Ok also for stories by New York Times bestselling romance authors Jo Beverley and Mary Jo Putney and by such legends of the fantasy genre as Peter S Beagle and Tanith Lee as well as many other popular and beloved writers including Marjorie M Liu Jacueline Carey Carrie Vaughn and Robin Hobb This exuisite anthology crafted by the peerless editing team of George R R Martin and Gardner Dozois is sure to leave you under its spe. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyThe moment I heard the words Outlander spinoff I was sold Diana Gabaldon s epic Outlander series is probably my all time favorite series ever in any genre The other authors who I love in this anthology like Jim Butcher Carrie Vaughn and Yasmine Galenorn are just icing on the cake Love Hurts by Jim Butcher a Harry Dresden storyIn addition to the main series I have now read several short stories starring the Wizard PI Harry Dresden and I think Love Hurts is my favorite yet as it follows Harry and Murphy tracking down a love spell slinging villain and dealing with their own past failed relationships Normally short stories featuring a character from a main series have to keep things to a minimum and save the good stuff for the main series Apparently Jim Butcher didn t get the memo because there is a HUGE character development that I d personally been hoping for since STORM FRONT Sexual Content Kissing References to incest The Marrying Maid by Jo BeverlyThis is a new author to me but I m already a fan Weaving together the Robin Hood legend the faerie King Oberon and his ueen Titiana The Marrying Maid is a sweet Jane Austen esue romance between a twenty four year old spinster and the possibly mad Viscount who relentlessly pursues Lots of renaissance style romance and witty dialogue in this one Sexual Content Kissing A brief sex scene Rooftops by Carrie VaughnA surprising story from Kitty author Carrie Vaughn capitalizes on the current popularity of Superheroes in a world similar to The IncrediblesWatchmen in which superheroes are a common day part of society A lonely playwright witnesses a burglary and is saved by somewhat low key hero dubbed Blue Collar by the press I was instantly taken with Blue Collars I do what I can attitude but the heroine felt flat and uninteresting Sexual Content Kissing References to sex Hurt Me by MLN HanoverThe first ghost story in the anthology comes from MLN Hanover A woman buys a new home only to learn from her neighbors a grim story about the original owners and the history of hauntings since Hurt Me was fascinating and exceptionally written The story is dark and unflinching in it s portrayal of domestic abuse with a truly satisfying ending and an M Night Shyamalan twist Sexual Content Brief sensuality References to SM Demon Lover by Cecelia HollandAn odd adult fairy tale about a scarred woman who trades her freedom to an incubus in exchange for eternal beauty and the simple man who tries to save her Demon Lover while having an intriguing premise had un uneven plot and at least one character turn around that was too sudden and too great to be believed Sexual Content Scenes of sensuality Blue Boots by Robin HobbFantasy author Robin Hobb offers a touching story of a young woman orphaned and working as a kitchen maid when she catches the eye of a handsome traveling minstrel The writing is beautiful and I easily sank into this world where privilege and circumstances often stood in the way of true love Sexual Content A non graphic sex scene The Thing About Cassandra by Neil GaimanThe Thing About Cassandra is one of the stories that starts off strong and gains momentum only to end up disappointing A man begins to reminisce about his first love revealing something very surprising about her before he runs into her again as an adult The ending tries to be poignant and flip the whole story on it s head I just found it frustratingly confusing Sexual Content Kissing References to sex After the Blood by Marjorie M LiuVampires zombies and The Amish collide in Liu s post apocalyptic tale that throws you right into the middle of the story I trusted that all would eventually be explained and while parts were the bigger uestions were left unanswered The ending is left open in what could eventually be the start of the series Overall the story was disorienting Sexual Content Kissing His Wolf by Lisa TuttleA bored English teacher has a chance encounter with a notorious man and his wolf The dialogue in this one was dry and mundane and I thought the couple fell in love way to uickly even by short story standards but the twist ending enough to almost compensate Sexual Content References to sex The Demon Dancer by Mary Jo PutneyPart Harold and Maud The Demon Dancer follows a young Guardian and the elderly Guardian woman he has come to care for in an impossible way as they hunt down a demonic Succubus The relationship between the two leads was touching in a regretful hopeless way They cared deeply for the other and mourned a love that could never be One of my favorites in the bunch Sexual Content References to sex UnderAbove the Water by Tanith LeeIn a word confusing Lovers from different times and different worlds sought to find their lost soul mates from another life Retold from different POV s this dreamlike story was a bit of a snooze Sexual Content Kissing References to sex Kashkia by Peter S BeagleAn odd compelling story about a lonely middle aged man who finds companionship with an alien beauty he meets online There is potentially uncomfortable revelation at the end but overall I enjoyed the bizarre tale Sexual Content None Man in the Mirror by Yasmine GalenornA young woman moves into the family home of her deceased abusive husband and finds her self falling for the sad handsome man trapped in her mirror A surprisingly soft and tender romance from the typically bold Galenorn Sexual Content References to masturbation A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows an OUTLANDER spinoff by Diana GabaldonThe absolute best story is hands down the last and thankfully the longest one Whether a full length novel or a short story Diana Gabaldon writes with an unparalleled beauty that can transport you to a WWII era Scotland just as easily as the centuries earlier Highlands Outlander fans will thrill at reading the story of Roger s fighter pilot father Jerry and his ill fated trip through the stones and his desperate struggle to return home to his wife and infant son I only needed a few pages to fall hopelessly in love with yet another Gabaldon hero nobody writes them like her and I m already planning my next reread of the Outlander series Sexual Content Kissing References to sex It s a little unusual in that it s about Roger MacKenzie s parents but it does fill the interesting hole regarding Roger s father that I opened up in AN ECHO IN THE BONE Diana GabaldonThere were three stories that I just could not get into The Wayfarer s Advice an Imperials story by Melinda M Snodgrass and Courting Trouble by Linnea Sinclair which were both hardcore science fiction stories featuring spaceship captains getting second chances at love and You and You Alone a Kushiel story by Jacueline Carey which is an mm romance which contains at least one moderately graphic sex scene

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Songs of Love and Death Summary ¶ 8 Read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î George R.R. Martin review Songs of Love and Death Orn from all he knows Jerry MacKenzie determinedly survives hardship and danger intent on his goal of returning home to his wife and baby no matter the cost New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher presents Love Hurts in which Harry Dresden takes on one of his deadliest adversaries and in the process is forced to confront the secret desires of his own heart Just the smallest sampling promises unearthly delights but lo. I want to savor these stories little by little because they are so darn good but I find myself rushing through them needing to know what happened next I find this anthology so far to be uite fascinating and I am enjoying myself immensely reading through the creative and varied voices within these songs JACUELINE CAREY this was the first story that I chose and uite purposefully at that It was of Anafiel Delunay who was once known as Anafiel de Montreve a poet that was good enough to become the King s Poet and perhaps but such events were not meant to be for himself and his star crossed lover This story about Phedre s mentor fills in a small chink of his life before he became known as the Whoremaster of Spies and the compass by which Phedre lived her life using knowledge he ingrained within her towards the one promise he made to his star crossed lover and one that Phedre will see fulfilled I cannot tell you how excited I was to read this story It was brilliant poignant and heart wrenching The first Kushiel trilogy is still to this day my all time favorite trilogy that I have ever read and I will always have copies of the Kushiel series in my bookshelf THIS story was the reason that I had to have this book so uickly after coming out When I heard that Ms Carey had a new Kushiel story for us set in Phedre s time I was already sold and I don t regret it one bitNEIL GAIMAN This was my second stop in this collection as Neil is probably second on my list of authors due to his wit versatility and charm and it was very much unexpected actually but in a good way There is a fun twist at the end of this story that I won t spoil for you It s a fun read about a mythical past and what happens when that path has never been or perhaps has outlived its usefulness I m not sure Either way I uite liked it Not my favorite of Neil s short stories but a good solid read nonetheless JIM BUTCHER I admit that I ve only read the first two Harry Dresden books as pushed onto me from a guy friend numerous years back I felt that the writing was tight the story was well written and interesting I liked the main character but it just never stuck with me However reading a new mini chapter in Mr Dresden s life was kind of fun even if I missed out on some of the obvious references to character stories that I would have easily gotten if I had continued with the story the selfsame references that I relished with glee while reading Ms Carey s story above A good little peek into Harry s life though it still hasn t convinced me to pick up the third Dresden FileJO BEVERLY I can t say that I have read any of her books before so this was my first foray into her writing style which seems to read like a tame Regency Romance While I liked the idea of an unwilling bride a marrying maid that must be wed and bed before a certain young viscount s birthday or his whole family would die due to the machinations of certain faery royals it fell a bit flat and forced for me near the end as if there was a page limit that needed to be and was enforced strictly The ending seemed far too rushed and I felt it needed at least a couple pages to be fleshed out with far arguments and accidental encounters in true Regency fashionCARRIE VAUGHN I wasn t uite sure about this story I felt thrown into a world where superheroes seem to be a thing of them norm very Watchmen like as it followed a brief glimpse into Charlotte s hectic playwright lifestyle as she gets ready for her play s opening night The night before the show opens she gets taken hostage for a brief moment gets rescued by a masked man a blue collared superhero and the conseuences of that moment which change her life A good idea but ultimately forgettableM L N HANOVER A dark and gritty ghost story It was a uick read with a small twist at the end that was not altogether very surprising It was definitely a different take on the death and love theme which was a nice change of paceCECELIA HOLLAND A new spin on a classical fairytale idea a once pretty girl becomes disfigured in a fire but is given a chance to become beautiful once as the companion ueen to a wizard king but all is not as it seems in his land and she wakes every night from incubus dreams She must make the decision to stay with the wizard or find a way to return home to a plain boy that seems to love her The moral of this story is a common one that nothing comes for free This was another short story that seemed to jump around rather uickly and I would also have liked to see it fleshed out a bit as it felt far too short because events were happening far too uickly for my liking I could definitely see this as idea for a novel sized book but with that said I m not sure I d pick it up if I saw it at a bookstoreMELINDA M SNODGRASS A slice of like space story with the rescue and reunion of a disgraced tailor s son who is currently captain of a small merchant vessel and the heiress of an empire who also happens to be his former love I am an avid fan of Firefly and somehow I could sort of see this story in that world just a bit when thinking of Capn Reynolds and Inara While I don t tend to like sci fi stories I was uite pleased that this one used far less technical jargon and focused on the emotional rollercoaster of the two main characters If there were sci fi stories written by Ms Snodgrass I d consider giving them a whirlROBIN HOBB Awww I really liked this story It was a typical sweet fairytale and one that flowed well and fit well as a short story It starts in the middle of a 17 year old girl s life after her father s death as a helpmaid at a Keep She spies black haired minstrel there and well I m sure you can figure out the gist A well written and fun little story that made me smile at the end of it One of my new favorites of this anthology even if it was saccharine sweet and rather unrealisticMARJORIE M LIU This was probably one of my least favorite stories in this collection It takes place in a post apocalyptic future following a brief glimpse into a woman s life as she deals with darker creatures It reminded me a bit of Richard Matheson s I Am Legend and just didn t appeal to me at all I ended up skimming large swaths of it to get through this storyLISA TUTTLE A short story about a woman and a wolf and the problems that the wolf s owner faces as he tries to get out of his drug dealing ways so that way he can be respectable with a slight twist at the end It was well written and I enjoyed it but was not enthralledLINNEA SINCLAIR Another story that takes place in the future but a technologically advanced one at that meaning that I m already inclined to be less interested because it is sci fi in nature So it was not a surprise that I found this story rather boring and I skimmed through most of itMARY JO PUTNEY I m hesitant to say if I liked this story or not It flowed and I liked the characters with a hardened and handsome magically inclined detective and his favorite person an elderly lady of the same magical persuasion he fondly calls Lady Beth but the ending had an odd twist that I wasn t exactly expecting Still not a bad readTANITH LEE I am an avid Tanith Lee fan so I very much looked forward to reading her story and I was not disappointed It took place in the future and in the past It was about a man and one woman but then a different man and a different woman Stories that became entwined chance encounters that never happened but perhaps should have and star crossed lovers that missed many lifetimes before they could find one another A fun and imaginative read I was impressed and pleased by this storyPETER S BEAGLE An alien encounter through a bizarre computer using The One Key to communicate Not what I expected from the man who wrote The Last Unicorn but it wasn t bad just different And a different take on what love means It was written strictly from the protagonists perspective whom I didn t garner great feelings for so ultimately the story fell a little flat for meYASMINE GALENORN A sad sweet ghost story that drifts softly silently on tiny cat paws through the pages swiftly read and enjoyed A woman with a traumatic past moves into her ex s family house and gets to know his aunt and the cousin that died years before It was prettily written and kept me interested so that I finished this story in record time RecommendedDIANA GABALDON Another time traveling story from the the horrors of WWII back through the standing stones and back again It was nice to get a side story from the Outlander series one of my all time favorite series behind Jacueline Carey s Kuhiel trilogies but I was very much not a fan of Echo in the Bone I couldn t even finish it because I just stopped caring about the characters that were not Jaime and Claire so the reference to that book and the mysterious men Jerry meet in the past was frustrating because I had stopped reading Echo before that point All in all an ok side story but not an amazing one Mrs Gabaldon still writes well researched tightly written stories but I m having a hard time with her work as of recently because I m not really getting into anything she has written after Drums of Autumn I was really looking forward to this story as well but was a bit disappointed in the end Ah well These things happenI can t believe I took the time to write little blurbs for each story in this anthology More often than not I felt ho hum about what was written but I am leaving my 4 stars up rather than pushing back to 3 because the stories that stood out really stood out While these stories seemed far from new and illuminating they were still good fun to skip through and I generally enjoyed them all I don t feel as if I wasted time in reading them which is always a good thing I suppose the strength that comes with anthologies is that if you don t like a story much you can always skip it and find a new author and a new voice to continue your journey along with

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Songs of Love and Death Summary ¶ 8 Read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î George R.R. Martin review Songs of Love and Death Award winning bestselling author Neil Gaiman demonstrates why he's one of the hottest stars in literature today with The Thing About Cassandra a subtle but chilling story of a man who meets an old girlfriend he had never expected to see International blockbuster bestselling author Diana Gabaldon sends a World War II RAF pilot through a stone circle to the time of her Outlander series in A Leaf on the Winds of All Hallows T. This little story was amazing I didn t know what to make of Cassandra This was a twist ending I was not ready for it I mean this was fantastic Stewart made up an imaginary girlfriend when he was a teenager All the sudden when he is successful as an artist all his friends keep telling him Cassandra is looking for him He knows the girl is imaginary and yet he meets her in the flesh They meet face to face and he can t figure it out Then the TWIST at the end FANTASTIC