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  • 01 December 2018
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LaVyrle Spencer ´ 8 Download Summary ↠ The Endearment 108 Er deceptions but there was still one shameful burning secret that she had to hide from him knowing its revelation would destroy the love that had become her very lif. This book would have garnered a higher rating from me had I been able to like the heroine Anna even a little bit I couldn t And that upset me because honestly I got where she was coming from with her desperation but I just couldn t bring myself to like anything about her And Karl deserved so much than she was able to giveeven at the end This isn t to say it s a bad book It isn t It s uite good The characters are unbelievably well written the pacing is good the plot is engaging and the atmosphere is spectacular LaVyrle Spencer is obviously an adept hand at research because there are so many little historically accurate tidbits I learned a lot but Spencer was able to teach me things I d never known before without putting me to sleep Her dialogue is excellent and the prose has excellent flow If you like sweet historical romances I m not sure you can really go wrong with any of Lavyrle Spencer s books she seems uite masterful at creating compelling stories wi

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The Endearment

LaVyrle Spencer ´ 8 Download Summary ↠ The Endearment 108 From the streets of 19th century Boston to the harsh frontier she wove a web of deception to ensnare her manLovely fiery tempered Anna Reardon was forced to lie to ge. 3 to 3 12 stars At first this book didn t work for me but as I continued to ponder the story I found it actually did I spent much of this book with feelings of frustration and even anger at both the hero and heroine due to their choices and behaviors I also felt there were times the connection between the two was lacking and I never did become a full believer in their love story In many ways I feel the only reason they found their happily ever after is because romance books have to end happilyI wasn t a fan of the hero but he was authentic for his era and was an honorable and good man He did however have a tendency toward self righteousness I felt the heroine was delightful frustrating endearing and very spot on for her young age That said I would like to have seen character growth and feelings of self worth from this young heroine I adored James the heroine s younger brother He made the book fun heartwarming and enjoyable One thing is for sure Ms Spense

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LaVyrle Spencer ´ 8 Download Summary ↠ The Endearment 108 T out of the street urchin's life that shamed her to become Karl Lindstrom's mail order bride in the beautiful treacherous Minnesota wildernessKarl forgave Anna for h. SpoilersI was hesitant to read this one based on some of the reviews I read but I am glad I did This is my first read by this author and I must say it was goodThe book starts out with me hating the heroine Anna She is a mail order bride who has lied about almost everything about herself in order to have the hero Karl pay her way to Minnesota to become his bride He wanted an older woman she s 17 a woman who can cook she can t a virgin she isn t and a woman who can read and writeshe can t And he doesn t know that she comes bringing her younger brother in towI felt bad for poor disallusioned Karl when he finds most of these lies out in the first day of their meeting BUTAnna grew on me as she did her best to prove her worth with brother James as they both worked very hard at the tasks ahead of them to build their new lifeAnna and Karl s relationship and friendship began to grow and they truly became sweet together until the last lie was figured out by Karl via