Capable Monsters (E–book)

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  • Capable Monsters
  • Marlin M. Jenkins
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  • 13 September 2019
  • 9781949344127

Marlin M. Jenkins ✓ 9 Review

Marlin M. Jenkins ✓ 9 Review Capable Monsters Review Ù 109 A monster how we fit into a larger societal ecosystem To make space for the validity of oft dismissed subject material Marlin M Jenkins asserts the symbolic thematic and narrative ri. I hadn t read Marlin M Jenkins work prior to this but I will absolutely be seeking out after finishing Capable Monsters The blend of pop culture and poetry with topics like racism and LGBT identity was remarkable Often when anthologies are centered around pop culture topics as this is with Pokemon it can feel a little forced or shoehorned but this didn t feel that way at all The references to Pokemon truly served only to enhance the work

Summary Capable Monsters

Capable Monsters

Marlin M. Jenkins ✓ 9 Review Capable Monsters Review Ù 109 Poetry LGBTIA Studies CAPABLE MONSTERS moves through entries of the pokmon encyclopedia the Pokdex as a way to navigate concerns of identity otherness what it means to be considered. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review thank you so much to Bull City Press for sending this to me from across the pond I m truly so gratefulWatch my video review here Monsters is a chapbook which unites two of my great loves poetry and Pok mon As an avid Pokemon player I was super excited to read this and to be immersed in what I thought would be a nostalgia trip an exploration of Pokemon that would focus on the things I love most about it escapism and companionship The reality of this project is not what I expected at all but something sadder and introspective that explores the darker side of the Pokemon universe For the most part the book uses entries from the Pokedex as epigraphs treating them as writing prompts This meant that it was able to highlight something that I personally tend to overlook the fact that when you really think about it the world of Pokemon is a harsh one A young child is let loose on the world alone sent to battle wild beasts that rampage across the countryside unhindered I didn t realise how truly terrifying this concept is until the first time I got chased by an Onix in Pokemon Shield at which point I realised that this large rock creature could easily crush my adult self let alone the ten year old pixelated version In the Pokemon world your only protection is this wild animal that you have somehow managed to tame by trapping it inside a ball unleashing it in order to bend it to your will You re often thwarted by threats of world domination impending apocalypses and fundamentalist organisations full of near identical adults who attempt to defeat you at every opportunity Aside from your Pokemon you re almost always alone Which is to say that this chapbook made me realise that Pokemon is a far lonelier game than I had ever previously consideredThe poet draws attention to some of the disconcerting Pokedex entries and boy are there some terrifying options Phantump for example is a tree stump possessed by the spirit of a dead child The player carries these things around in their pocket man It s creepy The focus here though is less on the uncanny aspects of the Pokemon itself and about how it relates to the human experience Loneliness isolation racism ueerness violence all of these are explored through the lens of Pokemon making the reader realise that there really is an undercurrent of sadness throughout the whole thing As much as Pokemon bring people together there is only so much a game can doTo sum up my overall thoughts this collection did the exact opposite of what I was expecting I went in thinking I d be taken on a nostalgia trip instead the book made me feel kind of sad forcing me to contemplate aspects of the game that I d never really considered It s not a totally desolate read though and there are definitely points of light such as when the speaker recounts choosing his first Pokemon a Bulbasaur and the power and excitement unlocked in that moment In essence this chapbook forces you to re examine Pokemon through an adult lens and think about what it really means to be thought of as a monster It s sad poignant and powerful especially if you re a nerd Rating 355

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Marlin M. Jenkins ✓ 9 Review Capable Monsters Review Ù 109 Chness of worlds like the world of Pokmon his poems use pokmon as a way to explore cataloguing childhood race ueerness violence and the messiness of being a human in a world of human. Pok mon poems Lovely exploration of identity loneliness empathy Religious and Philosophical Traditions of Korea poems use Women Choosing Silence pokmon as a way to explore cataloguing childhood race ueerness violence and the messiness of being a human in a world of human. Pok mon Englands Best Loved Poems poems Lovely exploration of identity loneliness empathy