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Eli Constant ☆ 4 Read & Download characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eli Constant DRAGN AUTHOR Eli Constant review ´ 4 Is novelette chronicles three days in the lives of researchers activists a deceptive Presidential Cabinet and a First Lady with secrets of her own DRAGN is a brief dystopian novelette political semi satire Birthed during a whirlwind weekend competition DRAGN tells a year long story with a satisfying conclusion in the span of a few days The two central themes Truth will out and America should mean freedom Without exception. Beautifully written thriller about a public health conspiracy Amazing that this was written so uickly The characters are very well developed and the plot is seamless Though this is not my normal genre Constant pulled me in and kept me interested until the very end Fantastic

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Eli Constant ☆ 4 Read & Download characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eli Constant DRAGN AUTHOR Eli Constant review ´ 4 Populace The anti UHI activists are determined to takedown the DRAGN and the corrupt healthcare system Their planning has been meticulous spanning nearly a year Benton and Rachel Greer take the first steps towards raising the proverbial sword and slaying the DRAGNs Will they succeedDRAGN takes an imaginative look at the future of an America where human fundamental rights and freedoms are options rather than guarantees Th. Hi all I had a comment on that provided constructive feedback about the drug usage in DRAGN Written for a fly by weekend novelettenovella contest research time was precious however I can definitely see the reviewer s point Below is my reply and response within DRAGN Hi Eli here I can definitely see where you are coming from I wrote DRAGN in two days for a contest and research time was precious I have chosen not to remove the mentions of mescaline and fluoxetine to keep the spirit of the original contest entry however I have ualified the drug cocktail as follows Charles felt like the accused walking towards final judgmentHe d been on the board of the UHI from the get go approving the protocols building locations DRAGN schematics He d supported everything up until he d received the biological breakdown of the approved inoculationsIt was one thing to vaccinate the populace against influenza typhoid hepatitis he could agree with that But secreting behavioral drugs into the mix that was immoral An iota just an iota no of chemically reimagined mescaline a naturally occurring alkaloid from the peyote cactus known for causing hallucinations was tempered with a new formulation of fluoxetine an anti anxiety medicine The behavioral formula was uite a bit complicated including than the mescaline and fluoxetine Well known drugs had been laboratory re birthed combined to suit and made effective over long periods of time In lab trials when taken in very small amounts approximately 005 micrograms the chemically modified mescaline was shown to produce an increase in receptiveness rather than periods of vision seeing delirium Add an open mind with stress lowering modified fluoxetine and you had a very amiable appeasing test subject or in the government s mind a very malleable citizen and voter The chemical formula went on for pages a cocktail of other drugs dancing with the mescaline and fluoxetine The government called it REP Only a few knew its name and its purpose Re elect the President Charles sat at the computer that networked with the other UHI buildings and DRAGN units His eyes bore holes into the monitor He knew it wouldn t take long for a trained eye to find the slight alteration in the DRAGN program that occurred before and after the cooling manifolds malfunctioned Other mentions of the two particular drugs have simply been changed to REP to represent the cocktail as a whole Thank you for your feedback Eli ConstantPlease feel free to visit me at wwweliconstantcom or email me at eliconstantwritesgmailcom

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Eli Constant ☆ 4 Read & Download characters × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Eli Constant DRAGN AUTHOR Eli Constant review ´ 4 DRAGN your attention will bind but within these pages no dragons you'll find The DRAGN units were invented to support the marriage of the Universal Health Initiative UHI and Green Nation Their purpose mass airborne vaccinations to ensure health for all US citizens The illogically expensive vaccines serve another purpose though Laced with behavioral agents the REP vaccine has created a docile drugged and receptive American. I didn t actually read this book I listened to it on Audible during my commute to and from work I got in my car this morning reached for my phone to plug in the audio cable when I thought Oh darn I finished this book yesterday DRAGN went too uickly Its pace is perfect and the plot is well planned which surprised me when I learned afterward that it was written in two days for a contest I am simultaneously blown away and terrified of the mass airborne vaccinations the author schemed up because I find it plausible and if that were to become reality why wouldn t some power hungry politician secretly include a couple of chemicals to make the populace pliable and eager to do as he or she decides is for the good of the people DRAGN though a novelette boasts fantastic characterization I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters on both sides of the UHI fightI recommend this book to all fans of dystopian novels