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  • The Crows Call Amish Greenhouse Mystery #1
  • Wanda E. Brunstetter
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  • 03 August 2020
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The Crows Call Amish Greenhouse Mystery #1 Summary Ø 108 Ouse but someone seems to be trying to force them out of business ¬† Amy King has just lost her father and brother and her mother needs her to help run the family‚Äôs greenhouse It doesn‚Äôt seem fair to ask her to leave a job she loves when there is still a sister and brother to help But Sylvia is also grieving for h. another Great book from Wanda brunstetter I love her writings about The amish ordinary Days she describes their lives so good you almost feel like you are a part of their family In this book she also manages to throw in an interesting mystery and I liked we get to meet persons from her other series The prayer jar again i am looking forward to The next book in The series Thank you to netgalley for this e arc

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The Crows Call Amish Greenhouse Mystery #1 Summary Ø 108 Mysterious Events Plague a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania‚Äôs Amish Country ¬† When Vernon King his son and son in law are involved in a terrible accident three women are left to cope with their deaths as they become the sole providers of the family they have left The women‚Äôs only income must come from the family greenh. The Crow s Call is the first book in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery seriesIn it we find some of the characters from The Prayer Jar seriesWanda Brunstetter has been a favorite author of mine since she has begun writingHer books are so charming and authentically Amish with such an important scripture message in all but it s not to much that you feel overwhelmed by it eitherI always feel so inspired and full of life and ready to help others when I am done reading a book of hersThis book is different than her others books as it involves a bit of a mysteryLife changing events happen in this book and while we can see only what s right in front of our face at the time God sees the whole picture start to finish right from the startOur life plan is in his hands and he will take care of us as long as we have not forsaken himThe book is filled with lovelossforgiveness and unanswered uestionsYes while there were uestions I had answered I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to answer the rest of my uestionsPublished March 1st 2020 by Shiloh Run PressI received a complimentary copy of this book Thank youAll opinions expressed are my own

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The Crows Call Amish Greenhouse Mystery #1 Summary Ø 108 Er husband while left to raise three children and Henry just out of school is saddled with all the jobs his father and older brother used to do As Amy assumes her new role she also asks Jared Riehl to put their courtship on hold When things become even stressful at the greenhouse will Amy crumble under the pressure ¬†. The Crow s Call by Wanda E Brunstetter is the first novel in the Amish Greenhouse Mystery series Michelle and Ezekiel from The Prayer Jar trilogy are in this series I thought The Crow s Call was well written with steady pacing and developed realistic characters You could feel the character s emotions pouring from the pages I felt so bad for this family who suffered such a devastating loss To lose three family members in one day is unthinkable Each one of them is grieving and each one handles it differently They struggle to get through each day Their workload has increased but they must soldier on Unfortunately Sylvia the eldest daughter is too grief stricken to do than mind her children Henry the youngest child is full of anger and bitterness which he takes out on the family Amy is our main protagonist Before the deaths she was looking forward to her beau proposing With all the added responsibilities Amy has little time to see Jared Riehl Ezekiel and Michelle are settled in Clymer New York where their bee business is doing well and Ezekiel just drew the lot for a minister He feels he should move back home but his mother does not want him to disrupt his new life I enjoyed getting to know the various characters and their stories It makes for an interesting book As if the King family does not have enough to handle someone starts sabotaging the greenhouse They do not know if it is Henry acting out the new English neighbors the homeless woman the owners of the new greenhouse in town or an unknown entity The crow was an interesting addition Amy has feared crows since a child and believes its caw foretells doom Is the crow warning them of danger or just a coincidence Faith plays an important part of the King family s lives A terrible tragedy can either draw you closer to God or pull you away We see a combination of both in The Crow s Call The Crow s Call allows us to follow the King family as they struggle with their grief and attempt to move forward with their lives It is not an easy process You move forward a step and then go two steps backward This realistic novel will tug at your heartstrings The Crow s Call has family friendship community faith and mystery I am eager to read The Mockingbird s Song when it is released