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  • Pure Love, Pure Life
  • Elsa Kok Colopy
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  • 20 October 2019
  • 9780310726098

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characters Pure Love, Pure Life 100 characters Pure Love, Pure Life Living the pure life isn’t as constricting as it sounds and how it’s worth the effort“This nonfiction book is real and honest and should be reuired reading for teenage girls and their parents” Christian Library JournalPure Love Pure Lifelooks at the idea of purity from a new angle focusing on the do’s instead of the don’tscontains stories from real girls who talk about their own purity decisions and what being pure means to themis for any girl looking to live a happy healthy life no matter what they have or haven’t done in the pasttouches on issues relevant to a #metoo wor. The Lowdown Wouldn t it be great to live a pure undefiled life In today s culture a truly pure life is hard to find Being pure has as much to do with the spiritual as it does the physical In this truthful to the point book Elsa Kok Colopy shares her story of her deep pit of heartache and the awesome love of God that pulled her out of it She shares techniues on how to avoid lust and how to maintain your purity She uses God s love letter to us as her ultimate resource and shows how God can restore your life if you just give it to Him I likedThat this book was a great read it covered numerous topics It showed how we are made to love God and used many wonderful analogies to how Jesus is our Prince Charming I liked her use of true stories and how emotions can lead to sin when not handled properlyI disliked At times I was uite uncomfortable reading about certain topics Nothing said was untruthful and was in fact necessary Just a bit uncomfortableOverall I would recommend this book to girls ages 16 maybe even older depending on your specific circumstance Pray if you aren t sure if this book is right for youThis book was given to me for free from Zondervan for this reviewSincerelyLibbi H

characters Pure Love, Pure Life

Pure Love, Pure Life

characters Pure Love, Pure Life 100 characters Pure Love, Pure Life T of “don’t” rules that have obscured the facts that purity empowers you to become who you were made to be and it’s about a lot than sex and datingHere’s the real truth God designed purity as a whole life experience where you have the choice to follow your heart and be true to yourself as long as you’re also following his Word With honest advice real life examples and tools to navigate the temptations and frustrations you face every day including dealing with those who don’t respect your boundaries Pure Love Pure Life meets you where you are wherever you are to illustrate why. I received this book for free through Goodreads First ReadsI am a Christian teenager and to be honest this book really opened my eyes It had so much meaning and words of comfort This book tells about how even though someone might have made mistakes in the past that God still loves them and wants only the best for them This book would be wonderful for any teenage girl it could help set them on the right path bring them to our Father in Heaven or closer to Him This book is full of TRUTH and we all need truth in our livesGod bless 3

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characters Pure Love, Pure Life 100 characters Pure Love, Pure Life Purity doesn’t mean playing the game of How Far Is Too Far A pure life is a full life one that goes way beyond the ideas of dating sex and being a “good girl” and focuses instead on what it means to be your true powerful selfPurity can feel like a dirty word sometimes After all who wants to be told what not to do how not to be and who not to spend time with Haven’t we proven women are smart strong and able to make their own decisions But the reality is what we’ve always been taught about Christian purity isn’t 100 percent true The idea has been twisted over the years into a lis. Elsa Kok Colopy was raised in a family that went to church She was a boy crazy elementary student She was looking for her knight in shining armor that she saw in all the tv shows and movies that she grew up watching When she got into her teenage years she began having sex As an adult she got married had a child and got divorced She realized that she needed to turn to God She saw that He wanted to be her knight in shining armor Slowly she turned back to Him She discovered that living pure was what she thought did saw and chose to experience After twelve years of being a single mom she met her husband and they kept their dating relationship pure They choose not to be sexually involved until they were marriedPure Love Pure Life explains Elsa s journey to purity It also shows the reader had to stay or get on the path to purity This is a book geared toward teenage girls but it can be beneficial to anyone who reads it Elsa points out that God not only wants us to be sexually pure but also pure in heart mind and body This book focuses on sexual purity but Elsa explains that everyone needs to have an all around pure life in God She makes the point that you need to know why God wants you to stay pure if you are going to stay pure There are Bible verses throughout this book that show us how to live pure We learn there are benefits of purity and conseuences of impurity This book is great to show that we should be getting our view of sex from God and the Bible not from music television magazines or the Internet At the end of each chapter there are discussionjournal uestions to help bring everything together There are uestions and answers at the end of the book on subjects that weren t discussed in the bookThis book doesn t preach to the reader The author has been there and done that She wants to keep others from making the same mistakes She gives great examples of how and why to stay sexually pure I would definitely recommend this book for teenagers before or after they start dating This book will help parents get a better understanding of how to discuss boygirl relationships with their children The most important point that Elsa makes is that because you haven t always lead a pure life it doesn t mean you can start living it now The saying Today is the first day of the rest of your life holds trueI received a free copy of this book from ZStreet for my honest review