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  • 06 June 2018
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Sleeping with the Dictionary characters á 104 review Sleeping with the Dictionary Jabberwocky also creates a kind of automatic poetic discourseMullen's parodies reconceive the African American's relation to the English language and Anglophone writing through textual reproduction recombining the genetic structure of texts from the Shakespearean sonnet and the fairy tale to airline safety instructions and unsolicited mail The poet admits to being licked all over by the English tongue and the title of this book may remind readers that an intimate partner who also gives language lessons is called euphemistically a pillow dictiona. Some of the verbal play goes a bit too farMy ass acts badDevil you ears CharybdisYes it appeals to those of us who love a good non seuitur but

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Sleeping with the Dictionary

Sleeping with the Dictionary characters á 104 review Sleeping with the Dictionary Author and editor Gloria Steinem With its arbitrary yet determinant alphabetical arrangement its gleeful pursuit of the ludic pleasure of word games acrostic anagram homophone parody pun as well as its reflections on the politics of language and dialect Mullen's work is serious play A number of the poems are inspired or influenced by a techniue of the international literary avant garde group Oulipo a dictionary game called S7 or N7 This method of textual transformation which is used to compose nonsensical travesties reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's. If anyone tries to tell you language is always and forever a violent tool of the patriarchy and can t be subverted turned inside out and re purposed in a playful thought provoking and loving way just give em this book and welcome them to the tribe I cannot give it enough stars

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Sleeping with the Dictionary characters á 104 review Sleeping with the Dictionary Harryette Mullen's fifth poetry collection Sleeping with the Dictionary is the abecedarian offspring of her collaboration with two of the poet's most seductive writing partners Roget's Thesaurus and The American Heritage Dictionary In her ménage à trois with these faithful companions the poet is aware that while Roget seems obsessed with categories and hierarchies the American Heritage whatever its faults was compiled with the assistance of a democratic usage panel that included black poets Langston Hughes and Arna Bontemps as well as feminist. I feel my subsets of knowledge in regards to this work are both too vague and too pedestaled to get as much as is possible out of these poems My class informed me that there are numerous parodies of many infamous pieces of poetry throughout but all I recognized on my own was two iterations of Shakespeare s Sonnet 130 I can see the value in the wide and varied usage of so called slang in context with so called experimental what with the latter s usual shying away from such ideologically ordained plebian phraseologies but appreciation does not guarantee enjoyment In the end I latched onto the familiar terrain of contemporary politics and held on for dear life which may be a pigeonholing may be my most natural way of taking into account African American with woman with experimental It must be said however that in both the most resonating poems the words are white Before I cam comfortable with bulldozing even further through pedantic barriers I must learn to recognize the ways in which words words words such gatekeeping performs so perhaps this less than successful was a necessary if incomplete growthThe two of my note are Elliptical and We Are Not Responsible If they parody it is the nightly news in the first and the tenets of legal processing of insurance policies of the second than any poetry of academic halls If there is slang it is of the ancient and long appropriated sort any rebellion of birth utterly ossified through institutionalized evolution the lowest circle of neutrality s hell Both pieces are littered with pronouns and their associations in place of concrete reference they we their our your you saying nothing that could irrefutably place it in an exact moment of time and place saying everything about those with power and those without These are the walls in the form of poetry the devil in their binding experimentation with the reality of billions the deep blue sea in such few words instigating so far to fallI know that all sounds as well deserving of a higher rating but the fact remains that this only encompassed two of the fifty seven of my total experience Ah well If my small statured praise of this particular pair leads those capable of appreciating the other fifty five in the right direction I will be well content